32 Week Bumpdate!

Baby's about the size of a squash! :) via thebump.com

Week: 32!! Seriously, I can't believe she will be here in 2 months, or less!

Due date: November, 28.

Symptoms: This week I got a lovely new symptom, arm pain and numbness which I think is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. xP

Feeling: Very excited! Although very tired and moody at times. :(

Cravings: I just really like all food LOL.

Aversions: Nothing really.

Sleep: Ugh, not good.

Health: Fine.

Exercise: Oddly enough, I've been able to be more active lately. I've been walking the dogs again and haven't even been getting cramps!

Labor signs: Nope.

Skin: Eczema is starting to get better since I got the Hydrocortisone cream, I think. I hope!

Maternity clothes: I am thinking of buying some this week. I thought I could get by on sweatpants and t-shirts like I did when I was prego with Kaylee, but I carried differently then and gained a lot less weight.

Baby's size: About 16 inches long and 3 and a half pounds!

Weight gain: Around 40 pounds.

Movement: Super active!!

Gender: GIRL!

Name: Brynna Rose. :)

BabyCenter update: By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds (pick up a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You're gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth.

I'm really bad with doing the belly pics every single week... For previous pics, go here.


Wow, 32 weeks already: how exciting!! It's great to hear you are feeling so well!
Enjoy your week =)
Harley Cocks said…
I'm a bit jealous of bubby being super active.. 33 weeks here and bubby not very active at all :( ENJOY!!!! :D
You are a rockstar momma! 32 weeks already!
Exciting!! It will go fast.
I had pregnancy carpal tunnel... not fun. Get you some wrist braces to sleep in at night. They will help a lot.
Pam List said…
Super cute name. I bought cool black preffers Yoga pants and one cute top. I wore that sucker every single place in the world. lol

Anni said…
Stopping by from the "Follow Me Wednesday"!
Cute blog! :) New follower!

Anni // Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded
Stephy Marie said…
Super cute blog! You look great in your prego pictures :)
Can't wait to read more. Found you from "Followe Me Wednesday"
Your Newest Follower :)
Rachel Marie said…
32 weeks, how exciting. I bet you're ready to meet this little baby :)
Jenifer Harrod said…
This is so cool. I'm happy for you. You are truly blessed.
Naptime Review said…
What a beautiful name....

Julie @ Naptime Review
Irish Carter said…
How exciting for you. I love reading the pregnancy updates from those expecting. It makes me smile. It won't be long and you will be holding little Brynna. = )

Oh Camille, how exciting! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, I'm glad you're feeling better.
The days are moving so quickly that before you know it Brynna Rose will be here! You have chosen beautiful names for your daughter Camille. Interesting update!

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