Flashback Friday!

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!! :)


Thanks for hosting Camille. Have a good weekend and all the very best to you.
Xmasdolly said…
Hey Girl, that's the way to do it. Short & Sweet & to the point and do a lot of just cut & paste and change the date. hehehehe We'll get through this together. Hugs and thanks for hosting. Put your feet up, and wear that brace on that wrist which I'm sure you have. Maybe some cold packs too! How much long until Bryanna comes???? I can't wait to see her.
Xmasdolly said…
Omg That's right I forgot to tell you. Being as you want old pictures I'll give you and old story. Back in 1957 when we just moved into our new house from Bridgeport to Midway in Chicago there were only a few houses in the area and Dad moved us on up to the westside near Midway Airport. There was this house they built next door and there was a little girl and her brother & the little girl's bedroom window was right across from mine. We were both seven or eight not sure, but we became best friends of the year talking back and forth at night when our parents were watching TV & we were supposed to be sleeping, but here's the kicker. Guess what her name was? She was my very first BF Her name was Cammy! Night my friend!
Leisure Mills said…
Hey! Im a new follower. I just joined your blog hop. Please check my blog out!
Thanks for hosting and it is nice to catch up again via the hop.

Have a great weekend and good luck!

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