[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

At the park. :)

Refusing to let anyone hold her hand. -_-

Eating her snot? >_>

That is my friend Cody, he's visiting us from Australia for 2 weeks. :)

Looking at some swans.

No special effects, Cody just glows with ethereal light lol!

Pretteh. :)

Ready to strike out on her own.


LOL @ Steven's face.

We're a happy, perfect family!

No jk, we're leaving because Kaylee's having a meltdown and needs a nap lol.


Hahah, I have no idea what's happening here.


Angel Tanedo said…
yay! greetings Camille. wow awesome! you are sooooo round and big now Baby Bryanna cant wait to get out and see her beautiful family waiting.. the big day is coming too fast.. cheers!! and enjoy your hiatus
Theresa said…
You are so cute pregnant! Love the happy family pics :)
Beautiful family pictures Camille! That park is a great place to spend some time.
She is beautiful Camille! I love the pic with the munchkins:)
Jessica Bevil said…
My favorite is of her striking out on her own :) Too cute!

Haddock said…
Refusing to let anyone hold her hand...... reminds me of my daughter... very independent even as a child.
Carole said…
Sorry I haven't done your blog hops - have been in Adelaide for a few days. Back now and trying to catch up. Hope you are keeping well.
I sent you an award! You can get it here: http://lifeoftab.blogspot.com/2012/10/another-award.html

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