[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday :)

They have the whole back seat but they both wanted to sit next to Kaylee. (PS I'm looking for doggy seat belt harnesses, anyone know where I can find those?)

I don't know why Steven thought it'd be a good idea to bring home a box of packing peanuts for her to play in lol.


She really wanted to blow one up by herself.

She almost passed out, she was so determined to blow it up!

Sitting ON the table, getting paint everywhere. Now that I'm pregnant, I just don't have the energy to stop things like this lol.

Used all our bandages as stickers.

Open window weather!

All ready for dance class. :)

Off to the pet store.

She didn't want a toy at Toys R Us, she just wanted to ride Dumbo!

A parfait that Kaylee and I shared. :3

Sulky Molly.

Stop taking pictures of me and give me food and/or attention!

Wearing Daddy's shirt lol.

Naughty boy chewed up his pillow, his blankets, some hangers, and his metal crate (somehow).

The minute Steven comes home from work, she attacks him lol.

Who says wrestling is just for boys?


Lanaya Cooper said…
Love it! I'm a huge fan of open window weather :)

And serious? Packing peanuts!? Who ever thought those were a good idea? They never go away no matter how many times you pick them up!

what cute pics babe.

I am so sorry about the carpal tunnel babe, I had that too when I was prego and it was such a pain. It hurt to type reports and lessons. I feel your pain.
Hilary Johnson said…
awwwwwwwww!! LOL

Aries has gone and stolen my heart. I have a very special place there for PBTs! Just goes to show what awesome, loving (and perhaps a tad destructive) dogs they truly are and NOT what I heard Kelly Ripa said on her show today. I didn't actually see the show, but I saw on one of my FB liked pages about PBT that she called them dangerous. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Catherine said…
Dear Camille, Thank you for stopping by and commenting...I hope you feeling better with your carpal tunnel, I know how painful that can be.

Adorable pictures...looks like you have your hands full! Although the parfait looks like a nice, sweet break in between. Take care. Blessings, your friend, Catherine xo
Xmasdolly said…
Oh my gosh, we have a Bynna too except we spell it Brianna. Sorry about your carpal tunnel. Are you a typist? How did that happen? Thanks for stopping by & don't worry about your dam blog. Just keep it open so we can all stop by & say hi. You take care of yourself.
Carrie Stickney said…
The balloon pictures made me LOL! I have the same problem.... ;) Cute pictures! The dogs are adorable. Love that they NEED to sit next to Kaylee in the car. I wouldn't want to sit in the back seat either!!
Lovely post! I like the one about Kaylee used bandages as stickers. I did that when I was young too. :P

By the way, do take care. All the best!

Theresa said…
That balloon picture is hilarious! Hope she was successful and got it going at some point lol.
those doggies, the balloon, wering daddy's shirt, all just so cute.
Kaylee certainly knows how to have a good time. Lovely pictures!
Aw- I love your photos. So cute!!That balloon pic is so funny!
Packing peanuts are the worst..it's impossible to clean them up!

PS I used to work at PetSmart and I'm pretty sure they had those harness thingies...but that was a long time ago!

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