[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!

This is a sign someone put up in my neighborhood. "I clean yard. Clean basement. I buy motorscooter." Lmao!

It's a...



Sleepy Aries.

If he chews off another bar, he'll be able to fit through that hole lol. I haven't tried leaving him loose when we leave yet, I'm going to next time and see how it goes... Hopefully we still have a house when we return!

This is his innocent, "I didn't chew a giant hole in my crate, why do you ask?" face.

My family was visiting and Kaylee had everyone playing "dance studio."

She taught us some stuff she's learned in dance class, and a few moves she invented herself, such as the "wickachow."

She says she enjoys dance class, but sometimes enough is enough. And she'd really prefer to be the teacher.

Holding hands with Uncle Zeke (my brother). Awww. :)

This is a whale she drew on the porch with chalk lol.

This is the type of doll I want to get Kaylee for Hannukah. :)


becca said…
love the photos
Millie said…
The dancing seems amazing and fun!Who would have thought she would actually love dance class!!
Rosdiana said…
great pic. following from the TTWFI. pls kindly follow back. THank you. www.rosdianalittleworld.blogspot.com
Our youngest granddaughter loves to dance. She is learning the Hokey Pokey and instead of just an arm she puts her whole self in the middle. She loves to be the centre of attention.
Raising Reagan said…
How cute..Kaylee holding a dance party!!

Way to get up and move with her mama!!


Jamie said…
Your dog is precious!
Theresa said…
Aries is so cute! I hope you come home to your house in tact if you leave him out. We aren't even thinking about testing the waters with our boxers yet. They need to get out of puppy stage first. They tend to tear the house up with us home. I'd hate to see what I'd come home to if we left them alone lol.
Clairity said…
Haha she's cute. Looks like you may have a DWTS star in the making there LOL.

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