Photo Dump!

I apologize for not getting my Friday blog hop up yesterday! We've had a SUPER busy week. My friend from Australia was visiting and then my aunt from Tennessee was in town. Hopefully this week will be pretty uneventful so I can catch up on blogging stuff a bit, or as much as my dumb carpal tunnel will allow anyway! By the way, I'm co-hosting a blog hop which goes live at 4pm EST tomorrow (Sunday) so make sure to drop by. Ok, now commencing photo dump. :)


Raising Reagan said…
Yay!! So cute!

Please come by and link up with Violet Imperfection and me for the Imperfect Sunday bloghop!!

Your kiddo i so cute and I love your bump!.when are u due?
Brenda Lee said…
As always, LOVE the pics!
becca said…
aw great photos
Hi Camille! I was following you on Google+ and now I've added GFC. Thanks for co-hosting the GFC hop!

Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa
Clairity said…
I love that watermelon face :)

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