Thankful Thursday

I am thankful...

For my leftover birthday cake. :D

That my carpal tunnel pain let up... It was really bad last night after folding a bunch of laundry.

That we will soon meet our stubborn baby! This week I'm getting acupuncture, taking homeopathics and evening primrose oil to encourage labor, and at my next birth center appointment my midwife will sweep my membranes. Hopefully we can coax her out without having to get induced at the hospital!

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Hi Camille,
We are all waiting for Brynna! Take care and all the very best to you!
Raising Reagan said…
C'mon Brynna Rose ~ mama wants one more thing to be thankful for! Come out!!

Cami said…
Aweeee stubborn but will be quite the cutie ;) :)
Happy belated bday name twin! ox
She's definitely taking her sweet time! Hopefully, very very soon!
Sooooooo? Have you guys met the newest little Angel yet?

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