Wordless Wednesday

My favorite thing to make lately, crock pot stew. It's so easy and tasty. :)
Kaylee and I shared a treat. :D
Off to the pet store to get Aries a new name tag since he somehow keeps losing them...
Her cousin Gavin reading to her on Thanksgiving. :)
Lunch for a picky eater.
She loves helping, so I had her clean the mirror lol.
Steven made her green eggs.
Apparently they're good (ew).
She did 3 of her new puzzles.
She loves her whales lol.
Stillllll prego!

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Kaylee is just so adorable! I remember those days of having a helper every time I tried to clean lol.

That stew looks marvelous. If you get time before Brynna arrives, send me the recipe =)
Raising Reagan said…
Super cute ...

Love the last picture. Any day now!

The photos of food and family are reminding me that I need to get off the computer and eat more than a handful of peanuts!! You definitely made me hungry.
Anna said…
Great photos! That beef stew looks tasty!

If you get the chance, stop by my blog. I'm hosting giveaway, I think you might enjoy. :)
Tammy said…
Stew looks yum! Can't say the same about the eggs! lol
Beautiful pictures Camille! I see a lot of yummy food! Real cute pictures of Kaylee.
Diana Chastain said…
Missed your linky, but I do a Wordless Wednesday weekly post as well. Beautiful pictures BTW. And I keep my linky open all week, so feel free to drop by! :D

Cami said…
Awe your pup looks sooo big :)
YUM, stew!

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