Brynna - 1 Week Old!

Well, it's been a week since Brynna was born. It's been a crazy week! The shock is beginning to wear off and we're all settling in, slowly but surely. She still has a little bit of a wacky sleep schedule. She does have long sleep stretches and she's a great sleeper, but night time is her most alert time. I think she's beginning to adjust though. She barely ever cries, she's a very quiet baby. She does fuss a bit when she has gas but she hasn't ever really cried except during diaper changes, check ups, and blood tests.

The pediatrician says she's perfectly healthy and gaining weight just like she's supposed to. I'm not surprised, since she's nursing well. I seem to have plenty of milk this time around and as of now it looks like they'll be no need to supplement. What a relief, one of my main fears was having a repeat of Kaylee where she wasn't gaining weight, the formula upset her tummy, my milk supply kept going down, etc. But so far that is no problem at all, in fact I may have a new problem, engorgement! Not something I've ever dealt with before. The other day I had to express just to relieve some pressure, I got so full. Pretty awesome.

I think Kaylee is adjusting well. She loves her little sister so much. She showers her with affection. She does seem to be acting out a lot, not listening and acting like a baby at times. But I think she's dealing with everything as well as can be expected. The hardest part of having 2 kids for me is I can't give them both my full attention. I feel so bad that my first baby isn't getting as much of my attention as she's used to. I feel guilty every time I can't get up and play with her because I'm taking care of the baby. But I'm sure things will get better as time goes on. And in the mean time, Steven and my mom are spending extra time with her to make up for it.

The other day, I sang both my babies to sleep. One was nursing, one was snuggling with me. I felt so happy and complete, I thought my heart would burst. I am so blessed to have these two little girls.

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Millie said…
Such a beautiful family!Glad you are all doing well!
becca said…
OMG she is so adorable
Janine Huldie said…
Your girls are beautiful and god bless your family!!
mail4rosey said…
Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! I can totally relate to having a heart so happy it feels very full when your children are snuggled up around you.

Looks like your whole family got an awesome Christmas present this year. :)
Carole said…
Lovely pics - that last one of Kaylee is a great one! Glad things are going well. Try to get some rest yourself!
She's so precious...I'm glad for some pictures! You've got a very beautiful family =)
Raising Reagan said…
She's beautiful! Glad you guys are settling in and everything seems to be going well.

Hi Camille, congratulations on your beautiful baby!

Reality Strikes Mommy
Thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's....congratulations - you are a beautiful family!
It's wonderful having two beautiful girls.
what a beautiful post....beautiful family. you are blessed.
oomph. said…
congratulations!! looks like she's getting lots and lots of love :)

Tracy Joyner said…
She is so beautiful...I just love brand new babies~

TracyAnn of and
Applebypie said…
Congratulations! It was my most difficult going from one to two kids, although I loved it - I found adjusting to the demands of two stretched me! You are doing so well by the look of it! Enjoy , it gets easier too!! Xx
Kristen said…
Congrats girl..even tho I've not been blogging, I've been keeping you and that new baby in my thoughts!!! I just came to check and so happy to see all is well!!! She looks just like her big sissy!!

Carrie Stickney said…
Beautiful girls! Congratulations again!
Harley Cocks said…
So many gorgeous pictures! I especially love seeing feeding pictures, it's so beautiful!
Beautiful pictures Camille! I am happy everything is going well. You are in for a very special Christmas 2012!:)
Brandi Yee said…
Ohhh she's beautiful! Congratulations Camille!! I didn't know you had the baby!! Oh you must be thrilled now that she's here :)
Anna said…
What a sweet family!

I really appreciate what you wrote about breast feeding, it gives me hope for my next baby, just like every pregnancy is different, I guess breast feeding is similar.
Melissa Ryan said…
Aww such sweet pictures. I keep coming across squishy newborn pictures on the blogs I read and it is kind of making me want another. I hope breast feeding continues to go so smoothly for you!

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