Crazy Mama! is now A Sorta Fairytale :)

If anyone has anything linking back to me on their blog, I'd really appreciate it if you could update the link. Also, 'like' my new Facebook page? Thanks!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :) We're just hanging out, waiting eagerly for me to go into labor! PS If anyone finds any broken links, let me know. I think I got them all but I probably missed some. xP


I'll be sure to change :) best of luck with delivery :)
Oh u should check out my creative blog too
Tiffany H. said…
I updated your button on my of luck!
Carmen said…
I love the new look, Camille!
Joanna P-G said…
I love your change blog!
Will do. Love the new look! Good luck with baby...
Raising Reagan said…
So fun ~ I like your new name.

Your links weren't working for your Facebook/G+, etc.
I'll try them again but I kept getting redirected to your home page.


Would love to have you come link up with Raising Imperfection today if you haven't already! :)
Raising Reagan said…
Scratch that ... it's working now.
It just didn't like me doing it via Bloglovin but it's fine now.

rebecca said…
I had no idea you changed up your blog. I'm liking your new FB now
I note the change in your blog Camille! It is looking great. I like the name too! All the very best.
Theresa said…
I love the updates Camille! The new site looks great. Very cute name too :)
Love, love, love the new site. You have such a great eye and style.

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