Thankful Thursday

Honestly, this has been a bit of a tough week. Kaylee has started acting out a lot, even though we thought things were going so well with her since we had the baby. We've been giving her extra attention so I don't know where we went wrong. She hasn't been sleeping, sometimes it takes hours for her to go to sleep once we put her to bed. And then she's been waking up at 3am half the time. So she's been sleep-deprived, cranky, and just really difficult. For the first time, I'm feeling a little lost as a mom. But I know we will muddle through it and find a new normal. And there always things to be thankful for. I'm super thankful that Steven and my mom have been taking care of everything so I can focus on taking care of Brynna and getting enough sleep. I'm thankful that Brynna is such a good sleeper and such a quiet baby. I'm so so thankful that Kaylee isn't taking out any of her negative feelings directly on the baby. She absolutely adores her sister, always wants to hold her and help with her. I'm also thankful, in a strange way, that Steven lost his job. We've really benefited from having him at home during this time, and I think this is a good chance for him to maybe find a better job that he likes more. And if not, he will be able to reapply for his old job in 6 months. He only lost it because of a technicality... He didn't have a current prescription for his ADD meds when they did a random drug test, and even though he went and got a prescription for it, it was too late. That is the company policy. Ironically, the reason he didn't have a prescription is because his ADD caused him to keep forgetting to go to the psychiatrist, lol. Anyway, we are lucky enough to have my stepdad as a landlord and he will cut down our rent and/or let us pay him back slowly with no interest, so I'm thankful for that as well.

PS If anyone has some advice on how to help kids adjust to having a new sibling, I would be very grateful! I am so lost here.

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Brenda Lee said…
Aww sweetie, I hope it gets better for you. I don't have any words of wisdom but hopefully some of your mommy pals will. Hang in there! :)
becca said…
wish i had words of wisdom but as a mom of one I have no experience with this
Raising Reagan said…
So I am not posting this by any means as an advertisement for my store but a friend of mine who recently had her second child got this for her older daughter.

It basically reassures the older sibling how much they are needed and appreciated.

She said it was such a great book for Izzy (she's almost three) because it made her feel important and how to act for mommy and daddy because she was the big girl.

Just a thought ...

Good luck :)

Janine Huldie said…
I am a mommy of two and can tell you it does get easier with time. Thinking of you and sending my good thoughts your way!!
Anna said…
Thoughts and prayers with you guys.

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