Weekly Weigh In #3

Week: 3.
Weight loss this week: 0 again. :(
Total weight loss: 21.
Current weight: 219.
Weight goal: 150 pounds.
Eating habits this week: I've been eating pretty healthy but just a lot. A lot a lot. I guess breastfeeding makes me feel like I have the right to do that but I know I only really need like 250 extra calories so I'll have to cut down a little.
Exercise habits this week: I feel perfectly fine at this point so I'm going to call my midwife and see if I can exercise yet. I think I'm supposed to wait until I was 6 weeks postpartum but I'm getting impatient. Not just because of weight loss, it also improves my mood a lot.

Everyone is welcome to link up any health and fitness related posts... A healthy recipe, your weight loss progress, motivational quotes, anything like that!


Janine Huldie said…
This week in particular was a hard week for weight loss, because of the holidays and such. Cut yourself some slack, you totally are doing great!!
Veronica Lee said…
I'm totally with Janine! You are doing great!

Have a nice day!
Laura said…
Don't be frustrated with a zero for this week! That's also a zero gain :) Christmas is SO hard! I've lost 40 pounds and still have over 20 to go...enjoying following you on your journey! I'm getting ready to start paleo again this week and will have some good healthy recipes posted soon!
becca said…
on the bright side at least it wasn't a gain you're doing a great job
Diana Chastain said…
Awesome! I am on a goal to lose weight as well! Sounds like you are doing good so far to me. :)

I need to keep up my weight better and I think this just might be the thing to get me motivated. :)


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