Lols and Aws

I've been seeing these around so I decided to make one. xP

Very funny, Google!

How cute are these little guys??!

I laugh every time I see this. It never gets old.



Love it.

For real.



This is so my mom.

For when the rum isn't enough. =P

Just Another Tuesday...

Aries hurt himself again. :(

This dog does not feel pain. He keeps digging and running his paws to bleeding.

It's hard to take a picture of him because he's always trying into my crawl in my lap. Hello, you're a Pit Bull not a lap dog lol!

Molly's like "Aries, you may be injured, but don't think you can steal my bone!"

Little Lynnie is settling in nicely. She doesn't mind being held now. :)

My sweaty, tired self after my work out last night! I've been working out every day and eating right, I'm pretty proud of myself!!

In other news... I think today was Kaylee's last day of school. She's been absolutely horrible there. Hitting, biting, not listening, etc. They think there is something radically wrong with her or something, and I was in complete disbelief until today I went there myself and saw how she acted. She was not herself at all. We are thinking about trying a Montessori school instead, or just waiting until next year. I do want the free time to practice driving and get other stuff done, but not at the expense of her happiness. And I really do like the school. I mean it's considered one of the best, it's The Goddard School. But I guess it's not a great fit for us, at least not right now.


Why am I a crazy hippie activist weirdo who breastfeeds in public and posts breastfeeding pics? Well, let me break it down for you.

Breastfeeding in public > normalizing breastfeeding > raising breastfeeding rates.

Basically, I feel as if this is a small way I can help NORMALIZE breastfeeding. That is something that is important to me and I think we should always actively stand up for what we believe in!

I explain it more in depth here: Breastfeeding in Public o_o

Emma Kwasnica explains it better than I can in this post: Why SEEING breastfeeding on Facebook, and in real life, is important

If you feel the same way, feel free to grab a NIP button and link-up your blog HERE. :)

Meet Our New Addition...

Lynnie the hamster!
For some strange reason, Kaylee named her after the orange guinea pig in the show, The Wonder Pets. Isn't she a cutie? She's spunky, and grunts angrily when I pick her up, but she doesn't bite. I've convinced Kaylee to leave her alone until she settles in, but she loves watching her and talking to her. She's been wanting a pet hamster ever since her best friend got one. He's really tame and Kay loves holding him. So I hope we can tame little Lynnie and she'll become pretty friendly. :)


I rediscovered some playlists I had on I've been listening to them and it's like going back in time to like 5 years ago, when I made them...

I'm happy to report that I went to the gym yesterday and figured the registration problem out, and I went and worked out this morning. Well, I did some cardio on the stair stepping thingy and then a yoga class.

Other than that, I'm really tired and cranky... It's that time of the month. x_x Aaand instead of going into detail about that, I will just share some cute pictures. ^^;

She looked like a puppy who wanted to be adopted lol.

She didn't want to use her gift card, she just wanted to keep it.

That is a bowl of homemade whipped cream. :)


I think she's doing duck face. xD

Its Just One Of Those Days

Ugh. I know I should check my email, read some blogs, make some calls, run some errands, and work on my to do list. I just have no energy to do anything but hang out with Kaylee. So I'm just going to put off everything until tomorrow and not feel bad about it for once. Guilt just fuels the depression anyway.

I'm so grateful for my Kaylee girl. Even when everything is falling apart, she brings me joy. And even when I feel like a failure, I know that at the very least, I am good at being a mommy.

Wordless Wednesday!

Steven made me an Oragami box, and surprise, it opened into a rose! <3

I guess I won't be sitting on the couch lol!

On the train at the mall.

Looking out the window. It just looks like she's pointing at a random man but she's really not hahahah.

Baby shampoo makes my hair pretty.

I'ma monstah!

Happy Luff Day :)

You put up with my weird obsessions and crazy mood swings.

You always make me feel better, even when I think I never will.

You spend all your time working or with your family.

When everything else feels uncertain, I know we are forever.

I love you, Steven! I could never ask for a better husband than you. 

I wrote this for Steven in the first year we were together. <3

Steven made me an Oragami box, and surprise, it opened into a rose! <3

Happy Birthday, Aries!

My sweet Arie Berry, you are now 1 year old! I remember when I saw you for the first time; you were just 9 weeks old. You were so sweet, so timid. You snuggled into my lap the whole way home. I knew you must be sad, missing your mom and littermates. I could feel my heart making a place for you right then and there. You were my new baby. 

You immediately became Molly's little follower, looking up to her and trying to do everything she did.

Your first night home, you ate all of Molly's bones!

Back when you were smaller than Kaylee!
You did not stay timid for long! You quickly came out of your shell with us, though you were still shy around new people. You were born in the city and had never seen grass, and you absolutely loved the backyard.

You couldn't get enough of running around outside and rolling in the grass!

I never need a leash for you because you always stay near me.

You love to explore and play outside with your "sisters."

For months after we got you, you had accidents and chewed up everything in the house! You were such a naughty boy. I am glad to say that you are finally house-trained and know to only chew dog toys and bones!

You even chewed a hole in the carpet!

Surrounded by stuff you destroyed.

You never did learn the no dogs on the bed rule. But how can I get mad at something so adorable?

You are such a goofy boy and you are always making me smile.


The first time you went to sleep in the toy box, I freaked out because I couldn't find you anywhere!

Puppy kisses.

You seem to have no idea how big and strong you are getting. You still act like a big baby! When you accidentally run into someone, you knock them over and/or bruise them with your brick-like head! Luckily, you are careful around Kaylee and other kids.

I'm sorry I dressed you up as a butterfly, I couldn't resist!

You are recovering from being neutered in this pic, poor baby!

You love to play with my mom-in-law's Great Dane.

You have grown up into such a big, lovable dog. You are still a puppy at heart but you have a lot of potential. I still think you would love to do therapy work. When you calm down and get a bit better with your obedience, you will be the perfect therapy dog.

You behave better for Kaylee than you do for Steven and me!

You sure love your sisters. =)

My handsome boy!

Thank you for being part of our family. You add a lot of love to the mix. And you drive me crazy sometimes but you've really taught me to be a more patient and calm person. Love you, Aries!! ♥