I am still so so sick. I spend most of my time laying on the couch and I haven't been out in what seems like forever. Yet the crappier I feel, the better things are looking for the baby. Its a weird thing to find yourself hoping this keeps up for another 6 weeks, but that's where I am right now, because a miscarriage will be much less likely once I reach the second trimester.

So, according to my last period, I am about 6 weeks right now (7 on Monday). My due date is November 26. My first doctor appointment is in 3 weeks. I hesitate to start doing regular pregnancy updates until I go to the doctor and see that there is a healthy little bean in there. I'm just too worried to be all happy and peppy about the pregnancy just yet. Steven keeps telling me that he's sure "third time's the charm." I hope he's right.

On an unrelated note, we seem to have a small fly problem. I don't know if they are gnats or what, but they're everywhere. The house is pretty clean so I don't know why, but I guess it could have been me waiting too long to wash the dishes. On the plus side, Kaylee enjoys chasing them. This has been occupying her the entire time I just ate lunch and now while I'm writing, lol.

There are a few new things going on with Kaylee... For one thing, she has added the word, "Holla!" to her vocabulary. I have no idea who taught her that hahah. She has nursed twice in the past week, for a few minutes each time. I think she's really and truly done, and I feel really emotional about it. Oh and I found a rash under her arm earlier. I'm worried that she inherited eczema from me. :( I hope it doesn't get worse...

One of our last nursing sessions.

One of Kaylee's inventions.

Simba. :)


I am sooo sick. I'm either nauseous, exhausted, and weak. This is typical first trimester symptoms for me so I'm just trying to wait it out right now. I may not be on much and I apologize for not responding to people. Thanks for understanding.