1 Month Old!!!!

Wow, 1 month! It's so trippy how fast yet slow time is passing since Brynna was born. In some ways, I feel as if I've known this baby forever. I can't picture my life, or our family, without her. Yet I still feel as if her birth was just yesterday. And I still feel lucky every single day when I wake up and I'm not pregnant, I actually have a cute little baby to hold and cuddle!

Brynna is such an easy baby. I keep waiting to have a night where I just can't keep my eyes open, or a time when I feel so stressed because both kids are screaming and I can't handle it. But it hasn't happened. Being a mom of 2 has been surprisingly easy so far. It feels pretty natural. Now I know it will probably get harder when Steven starts working again, and I know colic could set in at any time, but I'm hoping it stays this nice.

That's not to say life is a breeze right now. It's actually been kind of crazy. Brynna joining the family isn't the only transition we're going through. Steven lost his job and has been job searching. Kaylee has started school 5 days a week (she was only going Tuesdays and Thursdays before). We haven't settled into a routine yet and I feel a little overwhelmed on a daily basis. I am just trying to stay grounded and focus on how sweet this time is. Brynna is growing up so fast and I don't want to let stress get in the way of me enjoying her as a newborn. I have had a few times where I wanted to cry because I want to just worry about spending time with my 2 beautiful little girls, but other areas of life need my attention. I have a lot of help and support though so I have been managing the stress pretty well... No major breakdowns or anything.

Anyway, Brynna just had a pediatrician appointment the other day and she's doing great. She's 9 pounds 5 ounces now and over 21 inches (compared to being 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches at birth). She grew out of her newborn clothes at about 2 weeks and now wears 0-3 month stuff. We have to get a test done to make sure her spine is ok because of the indentation at the base of it, and that is happening January 11. The doctor is pretty sure it's nothing to worry about so I'm trying not to. Any prayers or positive thoughts anyone would like to send our way would be very appreciated though. :)

Ok, onto the cute pictures! I just love how chubby her cheeks are getting. ^_^

3 Week Update | 6 Week Update | Weekly/Monthly Pics


Janine Huldie said…
She is adorable and the love the pics. Thanks for sharing :)
Raising Reagan said…
Too fast! It goes by too fast!
She's precious :)

Angel Oberressl said…
HI Camille! wow it is indeed so fast. I remember just 2 months ago you had the biggest bump ever! now there she is, beautiful and kicking! I am sending you all the positive vibes and may all the stress to come be gone in no time! good vibes, love vibes, sweet vibes, cuddles vibes, giggle vibes, happy vibes, love vibes, smiles and laughter vibes.... I could on all the good vibes here ... ha ha ha stay happy and strong! you got it all! Cheers to your family!
Millie said…
She is so beautiful!Wishing you all the best!
She's gorgeous! Praying that the test comes back fine.
Brenda Lee said…
She is so beautiful!
The days are moving real fast Camille! Imagine it is 1 month already. Wonderful pictures and I hope everything will go fine when she does the test. I also hope Steven finds a job soon. My very best wishes to you, Steven, Kaylee and Brynna!
mail4rosey said…
Good luck with the job hunt, I know that can add undue stress to be sure, in any situation. Lots of good thoughts and prayers for the indentation exam. I have heard of such things and they were really nothing at all!

And oh my gosh, she is so absolutely adorable, beautiful, awesome!!!
Debbie Huffaker said…
She's beautiful!!! My hubby was out of work for exactly a year, so I feel somewhat you're going thru...except we're much....much older than you all!!!!
Maria said…
happy three weeks to brynna - she is precious - i love all her hair!! it's wonderful you're taking in all this precious time with your girls. <3 i will be sending prayers your way.
have a sweet day!
oomph. said…
i hear you...seems like just yesterday...but my oldest is 13!!!!!

happy 1 month to your little girl!

Sarah Elizabeth said…
Bless! She is so cute :)
Anna said…
So sweet! Can't believe the way time is passing, I feel the same way about my son!
Harley Cocks said…
Nawww.. she is just adorable!! one month allready?! :O

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