Can't Believe My Baby Is FOUR!

Kaylee, it seems like yesterday, you were learning to walk, and now suddenly you are 4 years old! I can't believe you are such a big girl. I am so amazed by how mature, smart, and beautiful you've become!!

I am so sorry your birthday wasn't as good as it could have been. When you woke up, Daddy and I surprised you with some new stuffed animals and art supplies, which you were happy about. Then we took a quick family photo and headed to the doctor because your sister was sick, which you were NOT happy about. But you stayed in a pretty good mood, with a lot of reassurance that you wouldn't be getting any shots there, lol.

When we got home, Brynna and I took a nap since we had a rough night and were exhausted. I felt so guilty for not spending your birthday with you, but you had fun playing outside and coloring with Daddy. You went to see Nene and she gave you a couple presents too. Then we had a small cake before bed. You LOVED everyone singing to you. I hope you didn't notice that I was crying while you were blowing out the candles. I was just thinking of your past birthdays, and your birth. <3

We've had a pretty exciting year! Brynna joined our family, and you are an adoring big sister. You rush to comfort her every time she cries, it's so sweet. And she loves you in return, she smiles and coos when you talk to her. I can't wait to see you grow up together!

You go to preschool 5 mornings a week now, which you enjoy for the most part. You learn a lot and have made a lot of friends, though you sometimes give the teachers a hard time. I know you just like to do your own thing, so the scheduled activities must be annoying and a little challenging for you. You also like dance class, but have the same problem there. You just want to dance your own way sometimes! I have to say, I am secretly very proud that you are such a strong individual and don't easily conform to what everyone else is doing. At home, we practice your letters a lot, but only because you always ask me to! You love learning and are very curious. You are ALWAYS asking questions, and saying the most clever things. You're beginning to grasp the concept of reading, and can do simple addition and subtraction. You soak up facts like a sponge, especially about sea animals and dinosaurs! You also have a lot of movies and books fully memorized, word for word. You can play on the computer all by yourself now, your favorite game is Purble Place. You are just SO smart!!

Some of your favorite things right now are playing with your dollies, dressing up, helping me do chores, painting and drawing, listening to music, dancing, playing with your dinosaurs and other little toys, and being silly!

You play outside every day, rain or shine. You love nature and you need big open spaces to run around because you have ENDLESS energy!

You can be very ornery and stubborn sometimes, which is driving your dad and me very crazy lately. We know that you can't fully understand all the changes going on right now and acting out is probably the only way you know how to deal with and process everything. I hope you know that we love you every second, even when we get frustrated with you. We are always trying to better ourselves and become more patient as parents, because we know that is what you deserve.

You love our pets and (almost) always remember to be gentle when playing with them. You just adore GeeGee's new doggie and wish we could keep her.

Kaylee, you are just so unique and amazing. You keep me on my toes, make me laugh, and make me a better person. I can't wait to spend another year being your mommy. Happy birthday, Sweetie!

Love, Mommy

4th Birthday Party Pics

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Janine Huldie said…
Oh Happy Birthday Kaylee and loved the pictures. Such a beautiful walk down memory lane :)
Happy Birthday Kaylee! Such a touching post with lovely pictures and video! A good day to you and your family Camille.
Raising Reagan said…
Happy Birthday Kaylee ~ WooHoo 4!
Love the flashback pictures of birthdays 1-3.
Great idea :)

PibblesNMe said…
Happy Birthday Kaylee! Yippee!! Just be thankful you have a fabulous mommy, daddy, and sister! You're special girly!
Maria said…
happy birthday to kaylee!! she is adorable and looks SO much like you! i loved the video and collage of photos you put together - so neat you will both have that to always look back on. she is one loved little girl.
Joanna Pabel said…
happy birthday! ♥♥♥♥
becca said…
Happy birthday Kaylee
mail4rosey said…
What a great tribute to your daughter, and happy birthday to her!
Anna said…
Great post! Hope Kaylee had a wonderful birthday. :)
Nekky said…
Happy Birthday Kaylee, you are such a cute and happy girl and you have a great mom. This is a touching post.
rebecca said…
Happy birthday to Kaylee!!!! Four years old is such a big year :)

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