Goodbye 2012... Hello 2013!

I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve! :) We just watched a movie together and then went to bed. None of had any wish to stay up until midnight this year, sleep is too precious when you have a newborn!

My resolution is just to stay on top of my to do list. There are daily things like call grandma, exercise, and practice Spanish; then there are things like make dentist appointment for Kaylee, send out birth announcements, and apply for medical insurance for Brynna. I always put off things I need to do and it really stresses me out, so I decided making a list and working on it every day would help a lot.

Did you make a resolution?

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Happy new year! Check out my blog for my focuses for 2013 :)
rebecca said…
Happy New Year. We stayed up but didnt get to spend the "adult" time we wanted to. The baby stayed up til 3am and I was exhasusted
Janine Huldie said…
Happy New Year and your sounded similar to ours!!!
asiolek said…
Happy New Year and I wish you dream hause because I think that rest you have xxx
Clairity said…
I don't do resolutions. Can't keep them so won't do them hehe. Happy New Year to you and family.
becca said…
Happy New year may the year bring you all that is wonderful

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