Mommy & Me Monday

Last Week's Mommy & Me Monday


Raising Reagan said… three are so cute!!
So excited you are joining our Slim by the Summer Challenge!

Here is the facebook link to join the group:

oomph. said…
great picture, camille! one thing i realized is that i have tons of pictures of me (for the blog), tons of the kids, but hardly any of me AND the kids!
Irish Carter said…
I just did a post and lost it. = ( Wanted to share that you look totally in your element....mommy suits you.

Irish Carter
Debbie Huffaker said…
Sweet, sweet picture.
Aww, what a sweet and adorable picture!
Carrie Stickney said…
A mommy and her girls, nothing sweeter than that!
Love the picture!!

P.S. Is this the same shirt as you're wearing in your Flashback Friday this week?? ;)

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