[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Steven using my breastfeeding pillow lol.
Kaylee comforting Brynna while I change her diaper. :)
I love how she keeps her from crying while I change her, it's so sweet!!
Biiig eyes.
Little ladybug.
Sleeping bebe. <3
There's nothing like soft, fuzzy newborn hair.
I know I take way too many pictures, I can't help it!
I want to remember her this tiny and snuggly forever.

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Janine Huldie said…
Aww...she is a little doll. Love seeing all the new pics of Brynna!! Happy New Year again!!
Carrie Stickney said…
So sweet! What a great use of a nursing pillow! :-)
Such cute pictures and Kaylee is being a helpful and wonderful big sister. Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks for hosting.
Janet Blue said…
You can never take too many photos, especially when they are as precious as these. Happy New Year.
Shayna Murray said…
Great series of photos! Hard to believe it's getting close to 3 years since we've had a newborn here!
bettyl said…
Lovely shots, good to see Dad being helpful!
Claire Justine said…
Awww lovely photo's Happy New year to you all :)
Sylvia Phillips said…
I don't know how you could ever take your eyes off of her cuteness!
I laughed out loud about your breast feeding pillow being utilized by your husband. Your girls are SO cute. Oh my good heavens. What sweet babies. Wishing you a lovely new year. Love, Becky
Emily S said…
Love your little ladybug
Whoo-hoo! I'm back partying after being without my laptop for two-plus weeks! Thanks for hosting!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations
asiolek said…
They are so cute. Perfect sis :-)
Jennifer said…
Well, that's certainly a new way to use a breastfeeding pillow!

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Paula Miller said…
Sweet little sisters :))

Happy New Year!
They are going to be the best of friends! Very adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
She is SO beautiful. And you should do a post on the many uses of a breastfeeding pillow! :)
angie said…
The baby is just GORGEOUS, and those pillows should have dual functionality! ;) Happy New Year.
Mom In The USA said…
Hi Camille,
Your Princesses are so beautiful. It's priceless to have one comfort the other during a diaper change. I have that with my girls. It's great.

Kera said…
Oh my goodness!! I remember when my daughter used to sleep on her side like that :) I love that ladybug outfit! Congrats on your new little girl...she is precious.
Rebecca Johnson said…
such a cute little baby! :). nice shots you've got there!:)

here. **Rebecca **
Diana Chastain said…
Precious photos. You are right, there is nothing like sweet newborn hair.

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