Weekly Weigh In #4

Week: 4.
Weight loss this week: 0 again. :(
Total weight loss: 21.
Current weight: 219.
Weight goal: 150 pounds.
Eating habits this week: I've been eating pretty healthy but just a lot. A lot a lot. I guess breastfeeding makes me feel like I have the right to do that but I know I only really need like 250 extra calories so I'll have to cut down a little.
Exercise habits this week: I feel perfectly fine at this point so I'm going to call my midwife and see if I can exercise yet. I think I'm supposed to wait until I'm 6 weeks postpartum but I'm getting impatient. Not just because of weight loss, exercise also improves my mood a lot.
Goals for the next week: Keep eating healthy, only eat when I'm actually hungry, and stop when I'm full.
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Brandi Guarino said…
Yay for you! You may not have lost this week, but look at what you have accomplished so far! Starting my own weight loss resolution Monday morning after I drop my little guy off at school and hope to post my weekly weigh ins on my blog too. Keep up the hard work,mama!
Janine Huldie said…
You totally have accomplished so very much and cut yourself some slack with the eating (we are still coming off the holidays). I have no doubt you will accomplish everything you put your mind to. Rooting for you and thanks for the link again!!
rebecca said…
I wasn't aware that you couldn't exercise until 6 weeks after. Oops I guess I failed on that one. And I wouldn't eat for weeks after the baby and I think that contributed to me not being able to breastfeed anymore. I lost 25 pounds in just two weeks and my mom kept telling me you need to eat to produce milk but I just had no desire for food after the baby even while trying to breastfeed. Now that I stopped, my hunger has grown tremendously
Sarah Elizabeth said…
Keep going. I know it's hard but it's so worth it in the end. I started back on my diet on January 1st. Not doing too bad so far but when your hungry it's so easy to lose focus!
Breastfeeding is a great way to lose calories! I think you can do light exercise like yoga before you are 6 weeks post partum, I'm surprised you've got the time and energy though!
Yay! You didnt gain so that's a positive :) keep your chin up...you are way ahead than most moms that just had a baby! I gained the other week but jumped back on the horse. I enjoy reading your blog!
Everything I've read has said between 300-500 extra calories a day while you're breastfeeding. More important than counting calories, though, is eating enough healthy food to satisfy hunger. Kellymom has a good article about this topic http://kellymom.com/nutrition/mothers-diet/mom-calories-fluids/
I haven't been over to see you in a while, I updated your button on my blog. Your new blog is lovely!

Congratulations on beautiful little Brynna!
becca said…
aw you doing good but yea maybe cut back a little on eating if you don't need the calories for yourself or little one. As for exercise don't rush it you just had a baby but maybe your midwife might agree short walks are ok. this way you get some exercise the the girls can tag along
Keep it up girl! You'll get the weight off in no time =)

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