Eating Healthy On The Go

We are pretty conscientious about our eating habits at home, but all of that seems to fall to the wayside when we're out. And we travel a fair amount, since my in laws live nearly 2 hours away. So I decided to make a list of goals to start following when we're on the go! :)

  • Pack lunch/snacks for car rides.
  • Prepare the night before. If I plan to do it in the morning or before we leave, it gets put off and doesn't happen.
  • If we do grab some fast food, make healthier choices. Just because we're already eating unhealthy doesn't mean we have to go all out and eat total crap. McDonald's has oatmeal, you can ask for healthier replacements such as turkey sausage and egg whites at Dunkin Donuts, etc.
  • Bring water. We have stainless steel water bottles but we always forget to bring them. Drinking lots of water is so good for you, and replacing all other drinks with water cuts a surprising amount of extra calories out of your diet. Not to mention it's better for your teeth!

Do you have any tips for eating healthy when out of the house?


Maria said…
I so agree with you. When we are home, we eat so much healthier. What's in the house, is what we eat...and when we're out there are so many many calorie-filled choices. :)
No matter what I order when out, I always try to order a salad and eat that first so it fills me.
Have a wonderful day! Xoxo
SO many calorie-filled choices is so right. Sounds like you guys have a great plan to stay on top of it.
Raising Reagan said…
Great list of goals!! I always forget to ask if they have healthier replacement foods at most places! I'll have to remember that one!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Janine Huldie said…
Awesome list of tips Camille and will say that I love bottled water and always have with me when I am out, too!!
gin said…
i love those ideas. especially packing snacks or even quick meals. in nice weather it would be fun to just stop along the way and enjoy getting out of car and taking a break and eating your packed food.
Clairity said…
Great ideas. I'm right there with you about eating at home being healthier. When we eat out, we typically skip the soda and dessert.
Check pinterest for the travel snack ideas. I remember seeing a few pins that had some really neat ideas for packing snacks before I went to NC the last time!

We also get into trouble when we travel without planning out our meals. We've gotten better at taking water and packing fruits and snack mixes though. It's the longer trips when we are forced to eat out and we tend to want to get the really yummy "bad for you" stuff on the menu when we do. Thanks for linking up!
Betty Taylor said…
Visiting from Blog Bulge. I am following you now. Your post is fantastic. Great to be prepared, I could learn something from you.
Those are great ideas. I get so sick of eating on the road. I actually like to stop at a 7/11 and get the fruit trays that they have for car rides. It definitely beats fast food and is a good and healthy snack. They are usually pretty fresh too.
Amanda Brooke said…
Thanks for linking up with the blog bulge babes link party! :)
Amanda @ mommy is coocoo

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