Kaylee's 4th Birthday Parties :)

Party with Delaware family (Steven's family).

Party with Maryland family (my family). This party was also for our doggie, Aries, who turned 2 February 6.

Steven and I decided to take Kaylee to spend some time with us at the mall and pick out her own birthday gifts at the toy store while my mom was watching Brynna. :)

The hurricane simulator.
Motorcycle chick.
Picking out toys and books.
Uh, creepy much? No wonder it's only $4.99.
The loot.
She loves anything with her name of it, naturally!

4 Year Update


Raising Reagan said…
How sweet ... she should be tuckered out after all that!
I loved the pizza with her birthday message!
Happy 4th birthday Kaylee!!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Joanna Pabel said…
so sweet!Happy 4th birthday Kaye!
Maria said…
So many wonderful celebrations for Kaylee!! I love the birthday pizza - so neat!! What a lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love! Xoxox
PibblesNMe said…
The pics are fabulous! Happy Birthday Kaylee!! Is Steven from Delaware? You know, that's where I live right?
Carrie Stickney said…
Happy Birthday Kaylee! We have the same walkie talkies and they are a big hit around here! I hope she enjoys her's as much as my little one has!
Annmarie Pipa said…
happy Birthday Kaylee!!
fun pics!!!
Harley Cocks said…
Happy birthday Kaylee!!!!! What a special birthday it looked like you had!
I am glad that you all had a great time celebrating Kaylee's 4th birthday. I wish her many, many, more Happy Birthdays. Lovely pictures.
The pizza with her name on it is fantastic! I want one of those for my birthday! Such great pictures!

Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
Raising Reagan said…
Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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