Weekly Weigh-in #11

Week: 11.
Weight loss this week: 0. :(
Total weight loss: 30.
Current weight: 210.
Eating habits this week: I ate too many sweets again. In fact, I just ate a brownie while I was writing this. -_-
Exercise habits this week: I was super busy with appointments this week, and next week my friend from Australia is visiting. But the week after that I SWEAR I will get back into an exercise routine!!
Other related blog hops: (Let me know if you host one and I'll list it!)

Please link up any health and fitness related posts... A healthy recipe, your weight loss progress, motivational quotes, anything like that! PS Sorry I never put up Flashback Friday, I totally forgot.

PS: Check out this post, part of a series my bloggy friend, Melissa, is doing on having a spirited child.

PPS: I will be on a short blog hiatus while my friend is visiting. See you all in a week! ♥


Claire Justine said…
Your doing great Camille, think of how well your doing :) we all have bad weeks and eat to much sweet thing,(eek mines been 2 years) I have decieded I need to lose some weight before London Marahon so I'm on a 8 week mission from today. Just had a bit of chocolate but getting ready for my first 18 miles run :)
Janine Huldie said…
Camille, I am with you on the sweets and did a whole sponsored post yesterday for Peeps and had t bake. Let's just say I ate more Peeps and sugary creations that I am not stepping on the scale today!! Totally relate and I have a very bad sweet tooth!!
mail4rosey said…
0 is better than gaining. :)

My son and his wife are due in this week and I know I won't exercise when they're here, and I'll miss it. But the visiting will be more fun.

Hope you're enjoying your visit.

Visiting today from Sunday Sync.
Maria said…
i agree with the comment above. no gaining is great...all while you still got to enjoy some sweets. i love that you're so honest. i ate ice cream in the bathtub tonight if that makes you feel better :)
sending love and wishing you a wonderful monday xoxo
WhatJeanLikes said…
Hi Camille!!
Thank you so much for hosting!! I linked up of course and have your button in my sidebar!!

I'm hosting a giveaway! Come by and enter to win lots of ad space, featured posts and money!! Aloha Friday Blog Hop February Team Giveaway
Sarah said…
Hi Camille! Just entered my yummy yogurt chips to your link blog hop! Great job on your weight loss. Don't get too discouraged about not losing anything in one particular week. The big pictures is that you've lost THIRTY pounds! That's HUGE!

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