3 Months Old!!!!!!

Wow, 3 months. The newborn stage went by way too quickly for me! But time flies by when you're having fun, right? And when you're busy 24/7!

Brynna has been doing just great. She's a super easy baby. After she recovered from her cold, she went back to her regular happy self. She's not congested at all anymore, thankfully. I don't know if I mentioned this but we were giving her baby gas drops after eating and she doesn't need those anymore. She is chewing on her hands and drooling a lot so she might be teething, but doesn't seem to be too bothered by it. If she starts fussing, she just wants to be nursed, held, or changed. Usually she starts madly kicking her legs and waving her arms around as a warning before she starts crying, lol. She does cry during baths though, she starts when she hears the water and stops promptly when it's over and we're putting the towel on her. Seems like she really hates them, so I'm just wiping her off with a washcloth instead at this point.

Kaylee loves singing to Brynna, telling her stories, playing with her, and cuddling her. And Brynna just adores her. Kaylee is always asking me if she can watch the baby for me, lol. It's so adorable, and awesome when I need to go to the bathroom or fold laundry! I mean obviously I still have to keep an eye on them but Kay entertains her so she doesn't cry. Kaylee still doesn't seem jealous at all, although she has her moments where she wants to behave like a baby, so we're still really sensitive about that and try not to incite jealousy in any way. If she's too rough with the baby (for example, she once tried to pick her up by the arm), I admonish her really gently and then tell her she's a great big sister, so she doesn't associate negative feelings with her.

Brynna has been smiling since 5 weeks, but she can be very reserved with her big grins. We have to really work for those. She makes these choked noises when we tickle her that I think are little laughs, but she hasn't actually giggled yet. She's not super talkative but she does coo when happy and sometimes yells when hungry, lol. She also did great at her last checkup. It was meant to be 2 months but it was at 2 and a half. She weighed in at 11 pounds 2 ounces, and I forget how long she was, but she's growing well. She got 3 vaccines and barely cried. She had no reaction to them, which was nice since Kaylee used to get super fussy after shots, even though we did them delayed and spaced out for her.

She's still sleeping all night, though usually she wakes up super early now, like 5am. I bring her to bed with me and nurse her and she'll give me a few more hours of sleep. I can't really sleep deeply because I worry about suffocating her but dozing is better than nothing. Breastfeeding is still going well. We had a bout of thrush so I got a prescription for Canadian nipple ointment and thrush medicine for Brynna's mouth. I didn't even have time to get the latter filled because the ointment cleared it up on me as well as her in a couple days. My supply seems ok still. Sometimes I doubt it because she is nursing a LOT, but then I reassure myself that if I don't have enough, she'll up the supply with the extra nursing. And if she's having lots of wet and poopy diapers, she must be fine. Kaylee has wanted to breastfeed too sometimes, which is weird because she weaned like over a year ago, but I don't want to make her jealous so I just let her if she wants to.

Brynna is getting pretty good at sitting supported and she has good neck/head control. She's starting to reach out and grab things, and she's very interested in high contrast, patterned, or brightly colored things. She's happy swinging in her swing and sitting in her vibrating seat or on the couch, as long as she has a toy. If she's just sitting alone, she starts crying pretty quickly. And in the evenings, she's a bit more needy, but generally I can put her down with a toy to get my meals and do the chores. It's pretty awesome!

She can roll over from front to back now. She makes angry noises and rolls right over when I try to lay her on her stomach. I have to really talk to her and encourage her to get her to do tummy time and she has no interest in trying to crawl yet. She is still good in the car but still hates stops. We try to rock the car to stop her from screaming bloody murder during red lights, lol. She doesn't like the pacifier or bottle as much these days, unfortunately. But oh well, they grow up so fast, I don't mind her being dependent on me. She'll be starting solids and drinking out of a cup before I know it!

I just can't wait to keep watching this little girl grow up! Being her mommy is amazing. :)

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Raising Reagan said…
I love her wide eyes! So cute!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Clairity said…
Gosh, she's so cute, those eyes. It's amazing how time flies.

I meant to pop in and get into the hop earlier but life got busy. Think I'm going to do that now :)
So sweet! She'll get the crawling thing down watching her big sister go about. Good that she doesn't need the gas drops anymore! As for the grunting.... Wait until it turns to growling.. :P
Marine Wife Mommy & Life
Janine Huldie said…
Time does fly. She is adorable Camille!! :)
Claudia Castro said…
awww she is too cute and so is her big sister :)

Awww you have such beautiful girls! God Bless!!
Anna said…
Wow! Time really flies! Is that little blue stuffed animal an elephant? If so, Declan has one and it's his favorite. :)
Harley Cocks said…
Kaylee is soo good with her!! You're very lucky!
How did you get the youtube video on your blog?
Like you said, it's so great to see/hear how our bubs are so alike, yet so different. Jydan hates the swing and vibrating bouncer and the car! Brynna must love the movement :) x
Wow time does fly! I'm getting ready to do my Kaleigh's 3 month update soon too. It's such a fun baby stage I think:) Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!

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