Happy Birthday To The Best Husband Ever!

Steven's 23rd birthday was March 18, and I never really posted about it, so I figured I would belatedly. We were extremely sick with the stomach bug on his birthday and in the days before, so it wasn't that great. He had to take care of all of us the whole day but we had a small party that night. He wasn't expecting us to feel well enough to do it that night so in a way it was a surprise party, lol. Isn't he a lucky guy?? :)

Steven's cake. Kaylee drew some hair on him. 
My ghetto birthday banner.
"Happy birthday to the most patient, forgiving, sweet, weird, annoying husband and father EVER, Steven!" Lol.
What is a ghetto banner without a matching ghetto card?
"I asked Kaylee what she wanted to tell you on your birthday. Here's what she said: Dear Daddy, It is your birthday today and we are going to buy you a giant ice cream cone for your birthday. I like it when you get me a popsicle and when you kiss me and when you hug me and when you tickle me. I love you sooo *arms wide* much that I see a stingray. And I love stingrays."


Bren said…
Awww that's awesome! Happy Birthday Steven!
mail4rosey said…
I think the card and banner are rocking. Happy Belated to your husband and I hope everyone else is back to 100% soon!
Joanna Pabel said…
Happy birthday Stewen

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