Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

I usually share Kaylee's quotes but I figured today I'd share some quotes from my husband. He says the funniest, and sometimes the dumbest, things! (Love you, Steven. :D)

Steven: "Why did you rearrange the fridge?"
Me: "I just threw out everything that was rotten."

"I like my voice when I have a cold. It's very deep and manly." - Steven

*sleep-talking* Steven: "They say they love you."
Me: "Who?"
Steven: "The little knives."
(What the?!)

Steven: "Why is she wearing so many outfits?"
Me: "She's just wearing 1 outfit and a jacket."
Steven: "Well should I take off the jacket?"
Me: "Uh, why would you need to take her jacket off to change her diaper?"

I usually lay out clothes for him to put on Kaylee in the morning because he picks out the weirdest outfits for her (she's not in the mood to pick her outfit or get dressed herself in the morning, not really a morning person). But even though I pick out the clothes, I still have to do a check before they leave for school because half the time he'll put the shirt on backwards or something, lol!


Janine Huldie said…
Too funny Camille and need to start writing down some of the funnier comments that come out of my husband's mouth now after reading this!! :)
Betty Taylor said…
Men can be hilarious without even trying.
in the coop said…
So funny! My husband doesn't talk to me in his sleep anymore. (or after all these years I just sleep through it.) I gotta say, I kinda miss it.
Funny how little girls' clothes completely confuse so many dads.
Carrie Stickney said…
LOL! My husband has difficutly putting together matching outfits. Unless I get them out, she will only wear t-shirts and jeans! Love the cold comment, too funny!
Maria said…
Hahaha! My friends and I were just talking about talking in your sleep. My husband does it sometimes too and it freaks me out!!
Too funny what your husband said. :)
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Kate Campbell said…
These were so cute and funny. At least he is a hands on Dad, like my hubby.
I sometimes think that their brains work differently and often wonder if we are made that way through nature or nurture.
But guys definitely seem to have a different understanding of all things domestic ;)
Clairity said…
He's funny LOL. Leave a guy to dress his daughter and you can almost bet on a barrel of laughs.

Hope you have a great week :)
So cute! I love all of them but especially I threw out everything because it was gettting rotten! LOL! He is just too funny!

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