Thankful Thursday

Just wanted to pop in and say I'm thankful that Steven likes his new job and that Kaylee's better (she had a stomach virus). I hope everyone's having a good week. :) Tomorrow is Friday, yay!

Please link up your thankful posts. For more Thursday link-ups, check out my blog hop library.


Marie Moody said…
Looks like you need to advertise a tad! Well, what are friends for! I put a copy of your button on my blog at Thankful Thursday & A Song! Have a great day! See you tomorrow in Black & White! :)
Nekky said…
Good to hear that Kaylee's better now. My kids were also down with the virus and had to stay one whole week at home. I'm also thankful that they are now better.
Janine Huldie said…
Definitely a lot to be thankful for and happy to hear on both accounts!! :)
It is great that Steven has a new job and Kaylee is much better. I wish you and your family a good weekend.

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