Thankful Thursday

Super thankful that Kaylee and I are better!! Every time I thought we were better we'd get worse again. I hope Steven and Brynna don't come down with it now!

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Teresa said…
Hi here is my post for this week. For some reason the linky says it is closed.
Janine Huldie said…
Glad you are doing better. And I can relate we had Emma sick for almost two weeks. So happy she seems to be on the mend and was so worried that Lily would come down with it, too.
Marie Moody said…
That's one reason why I tell my kids if they're sick stay home. Just Skype me or call. When you're better come over! I hate being sick. We take our vitamins every day and I always give hubby a sliced orange slices with his breakfast. So glad you & sweetie are better!
I am glad that Kaylee and you are fine Camille and hope Brynna and Steven will keep well. A good weekend to you and your family.

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