4 Months :D

4 months?! FOUR MONTHS?!?!??!?!! How can it be that my newborn is that old already?? My mind can't keep up with how fast she's growing up. I thought Kaylee grew fast but it was nothing compared to this. I guess because I have 2 kids to focus on now and life is a lot more busy!

Brynna is still a super easy baby. Kaylee was a pretty easy and happy baby but she was a little more high needs than Brynna. She didn't really like to be put down until she could crawl. Plus, for the first few months, she was up all night, and we had breastfeeding problems. Then that was combined with the fact that we were inexperienced, nervous first-time parents! I loved becoming a mom, but it was definitely the most challenging time in my life. Being second-time parents has just been a breeze, much to my surprise, especially now that we've all had a few months to adjust and settle in. :)

She can sit up by herself now, but only for a few seconds before she throws herself to the side or backwards, lol. She is really good at picking up things. She likes to shake rattles and of course put everything in her mouth. She's teething like crazy, always drooling and chewing her hand, but no teeth have popped through yet. She's still not starting to crawl, but she will roll to get closer to me if we're laying on the bed. Kaylee was trying really hard to crawl at this age. Brynna doesn't have much interest in learning to crawl, probably because she hates tummy time. She keeps rolling over onto her back, and after a few minutes she gets fussy. Oh well, she'll do it in her own time. :)

Brynna is a quiet, calm, serious baby. She doesn't babble a lot, though she sometimes has her talkative moods. She's happy to chill in her seat, on the couch, or in her swing, as long as she has a toy. She usually starts waving her arms and legs around when she wants to be picked up (Kaylee calls her "wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing baby" xD). Then she usually gets to whining/squeaking/yelling, and then finally fusses. But I usually pick her up and figure out what she needs before then. She's SO alert and observant. She's always looking around, and is happy to study a toy or object for quite a while. She loves copying you if you stick your tongue out or blow raspberries. She likes being tickled and she likes having her cheeks kissed. She hasn't actually laughed out loud yet but she'll make these choked noises while doing a scowly smile, it's so funny. She's pretty conservative with her smiles too, she makes us work for them. Her most social time is first thing after waking up; she doesn't usually wake up crying, which I thought all babies did. She is beginning to get somewhat picky about who holds her though and will cry if a stranger goes to take her. The person she loves best of all is Kaylee, who adores her in return. There is absolutely nothing I love better than seeing their special bond!!

Health / Growth
She hasn't been sick this month at all, even though everyone else caught a nasty stomach bug. We haven't taken her for her 4 month checkup yet but she's grown out of her 0-3 month clothing now and wearing mostly 3-6 with some 6-9. (She's wearing cloth diapers so that does make her a bit bulkier.) She's not the chubbiest baby ever, but she does have the cutest double chin and some irresistible thigh rolls. :)

She's still in cloth diapers (with Flips covers). We've found that disposables leaks, and polyester inserts for the cloth covers leak, so we only use cotton now. We also tried a wool cover, which made her look like an adorable little hobbit baby or something, lol. That didn't leak but Steven changed it in the morning and he said it made her skin really moist so I'm not sure if we're going to use that again. Oh and I mentioned she didn't like being changed when she was born, but she loves it now. She will fuss when she has a wet/dirty diaper and she wiggles around while making happy noises when I lay her down to change her, lol.

Car Rides
She's fine as long as she can see and hear someone and doesn't fuss anymore at stops. But she does NOT like riding in the car with no one sitting next to her, she will full out cry.

Brynna hates baths, she screams bloody murder from the moment she realizes it's bath time until she's safe in a towel afterward. Kaylee loved baths, I've actually never heard of a baby who hates baths. I can't imagine why Brynn does. I was so careful about water temperature and not getting soap in her eyes etc. We only gave her one bath this month to see if she still hated it and she did, so we're back to just wiping her down for a while. (Don't have any related pics since I didn't really want to take a picture of her so miserable, so I will share these. This rainbow diaper was dyed and used by my mom like 20 years ago or so! I thought that was kind of neat that 1 or both of my brothers used this diaper. :)

She doesn't fall asleep on her own anymore (unless she's in the car), but will quickly doze off nursing or being held/patted. She is a light sleeper but usually patting her back gets her back to sleep if she gets awakened. I also hear her waking up sometimes at night and I fight the urge to jump up and pick her up because a lot of the time she'll put herself back to sleep (which is awesome, by the way). She's not a great day sleeper and doesn't always take even one long nap during the day. But she does go to bed almost every night at 7 or so, even though Kaylee sometimes stays up late, being incredibly noisy. She will wake to nurse usually twice a night and wake for the day around 7. I'm pretty comfortable nursing her while laying down now and can easily sleep while feeding her, but I try to put her back in her bassinet as much as possible in case Kaylee has a nightmare and comes to our bed. I have learned that when push comes to shove, 4 people CAN fit in a queen size bed. But when they do, there ends up being quite a lot of pushing and shoving, lol.

She's still nursing well. She is so cute when she wants to nurse, she makes these squeaky noises and if I'm not quick enough, she yells. Then when I go to latch her on, she breathes fast and sometimes makes excited snorting noises. I call her my little piglet, lol. Then she turns toward me, lunges, and latches on all by herself. When she's getting full, she'll keep de-latching to smile at me, then go back to nursing. It's so adorable! Sometimes she's done in like 5 minutes but other times I can tell she's settling in for a long session so I just relax and watch some Law and Order SVU or read a book. Oh and my milk isn't leaking anymore, which is awesome, hahah. I do sometimes have itchiness and/or pain (I'm not sure if it's due to eczema or thrush or what) but my trusty Canadian nipple cream soothes it pretty quickly.

Pacifiers / Bottles / Formula / Solids
She doesn't take a pacifier anymore, but that's ok because she doesn't really need one. We don't usually give her bottles but when I was sick with the stomach flu my mom watched her a few hours so I could get some rest and gave her 2 bottles of formula. She apparently drank it just fine and with no ill effects. She also tasted solids recently; Steven gave her some banana. Then once she had tasted it and nothing bad happened, we kind of got lax and since then she's tasted applesauce, squash, and sweet potatoes too. I was planning on doing baby-led weaning, which is waiting until they can feed themselves and not mashing food up, but she absolutely LOVES solids. She begs for what we're eating and she gobbles food eagerly. So we're just going to limit it as much as possible for now. It's weird because Kaylee was just the opposite, she wasn't into solids and when she did start eating was a picky eater. She would taste anything but would only actually down a very small amount, Brynna seems to eat and eat until we stop her, lol. Oh well, just goes to show that each kid is different! It'd be nice if we had at least one good eater, hahah.

I can't wait for the next month of watching this sweet baby grow up! I'm so excited to hear her first real laugh. :D

Edit: Just weighed her on my scale and it says she's 13 pounds. :)

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rebecca said…
She is so adorable and growing so fast! The bath thing is funny cause my baby...the only way you can get him to stop crying is turn on the bath and put him in it. The sound of running water relaxes him and then he just giggles through the entire bath. He does not like getting out LOL Babies are so funny! I'm so glad she is doing so well and she is getting so big!!! She's simply so cute
Janine Huldie said…
I cannot believe she is 4 months old already and still remember when you were pregnant. Seriously time is really flying and she is getting so big and so cute, too!! Loved all the pictures and the smiles were awesome. Your girls remind me of mine with how close they are and how much they love each other :)
4 months already- taht is crazy!!! So cute!!!
Harley Cocks said…
Love love love it, She's so gorgeous and clever! I love seeing our babies grow up so close in age!.. I also adore your accent! (BTW I think I fixed the video that was set to private, let me know if you can view it now)
Lindsay said…
Such a pretty baby! I hate that they grow soooo fast! She looks just like her big sissy.
SFR said…
Absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic post!!

Sim @ Sim's Life x
Karen Koblan said…
So cute! My daughter wasn't falling asleep on her own either at 4 months. I miss rocking her to sleep now that she is older! Can't believe how fast it goes.
Anna said…
She is just precious!

And if it makes you feel any better, Declan HATES baths...lol
mail4rosey said…
Wow, that time did go fast!

Thanks for sharing the great photos! I remember those big smiles when the kids were little...LOVED those.
What a sweetheart, they grow way too fast!

Thanks for sharing your favorite post at Raising Imperfection! We feature our favorites on Friday, make sure to come back and check.
Wow, four months! They grow too fast. My littlest is five months tomorrow and I feel like she was just born yesterday...it's like time goes faster when there's two of them at home *sobs*

What a cutie you have, though. I love that little smile!
Raising Reagan said…
It's amazing how much she and Kaylee look alike! They are both so cute!

Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Theresa said…
Oh my gosh, she is so big now! I have no clue how I have missed visiting here for so long. I think I forgot to add your new site to my bookmarks of blog visits when you switched over to this new one. I have fixed that now :)
becca said…
wow i can't believe how much she has grown the time is flying by
Melissa Ryan said…
Thanks for linking up with at the Tuesday Baby link up. I am so glad to hear you say that second time parenting is a lot easier than the first time parent thing. Especially since we both have eldest honey badgers. This gives me hope I can do it if/when we have a second.
Mums make lists said…
What beautiful pictures - so lovely to see them together.

So exciting for you all - not long to go.

I would love for you to link up at The Friday Baby Shower - a link party for all thing pregnancy and new baby, Alice @ Mums Make Lists.
Ah, wow, what a gorgeous update. Your girls are both gorgeous, lovely photos of them :)

Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby Link-Up! :)

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