Monday, April 15, 2013

My Motivation

My motivation for weight loss is getting physically and emotionally healthy. I have always loved to be active and do things like run my dogs, rollerblade, and hike. I want to share this fun with my kids but I haven't been able to for a while because I get winded. I always find myself sitting on a bench watching Kaylee play and I hate that. I want to get up and run around with her. And when she and Brynna get older, I want to take them hiking and biking and stuff like that. So I envision that being a reality, and that is my motivation to lose the weight. Also, I am a lot less likely to get depressed on days I exercise, so there is that added motivation!

What is YOUR motivation to get/stay in shape??

Note: Sorry I didn't post my Monday blog hop. Steven was working last night and then we ran errands this morning and I was so busy I forgot to.
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