Visit To Grandma's :)

My grandma, holding Brynna. She has held many babies in our family, including me. I realize how amazing it is, when I stop to think about it.
My brother Harry and Brynna. :)
Uncle Harry loves his nieces!
Grandma's Yorkie, Maggie. She's used to being the baby so she was a little disgruntled at my grandma giving Brynn so much attention.
Kaylee could never live in an apartment. She feels compelled to run up and down the hallways, screaming.
My grandma has a strange sense of humor. It runs in the family. ;)
Kaylee made herself a dog bed.
She's pretending to be a dog and scratching her ear with her foot, lol.
For some reason, this game also required her to be shirtless. -_-
Geegee (that's what her great-grandkids calls her) and her kittens (that's her special nickname for my kids).


Bren said…
Great pics as always Camille!
Anna said…
Love these! We have a GG too. (different spelling) and the great-great grand kids call her Triple G. ;)
mail4rosey said…
These are great and of course your daughter didn't have a shirt one when she was pretending to be a dog...dogs don't wear shirts. ;) LOL

I love the look on your youngest one's face in the last's a 'hey, whatcha' doing?' look, lol.

Great pics. :) Glad you got grandma time.
Janine Huldie said…
Wonderful pictures Camille and loved seeing your grandmother here with your girls. I miss my grandmother (she passed away when Emma was around 6 months old) and wish she could see both my girls now. Oh how she would adore them!! :)
Paula Miller said…
Lovely photos! I especially like the last two :)) Very special..
Veronica Lee said…
Aw!! Such a gorgeous family! Love the pics!

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