Flashback Friday


Me, my best friend, and our little siblings, playing Native Americans. Approximately 13 years ago, when I was around 12. (I'm at the far right.) After we went to Native American summer camp and found out that we had a tiny bit of Cherokee blood, this became our favorite game. We played it all the time for quite a few years!

Link up an old picture, video, or post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!! :) 


mail4rosey said…
Thanks for hosting!
Lovely picture Camille! It must have been interesting being at that camp. You have not changed. I knew immediately which one was Camille!:) Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.
Theresa said…
My best friend in 5th grade was an Indian. She would take me along on their pow wows and to their Indian dance. Such good times!

Your pic is too cute!
Tami Rebekah said…
what a cute pic!! love it! Have a great weekend!
Sylvia said…
So cute! I love seeing old photos!
Paula Miller said…
Happy Weekend Camille!!
Thanks for hosting :)
I love your Kaylee quotes posts :)
Melissa S. said…
Got here on Mail4Rosey's recommendation. Such fun! And I totally remember having to do Native American vests every year in school around Thanksgiving. And I am part Cherokee, so cheers to you! :)

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