[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Ohhh yeah. I'm on top of things. Posting the night before like a responsible, organized person or something. Whaaat.

A fox in our backyard!
Kaylee's shell sculpture.
Weeping cherry tree in our yard.
Steven thinks the way I organize my night table is odd for some reason...
"Mommy, the bottle is pooping!"
The only way Kaylee doesn't wake up angry is if we use Brynna as an alarm clock.
Me and the kids with my mom. <3
The kids with their grandparents. :)
Discovering grass for the first time.
Grass is the most amazing thing ever to babies, lol.
First ride on the lawn mower. (I almost had a heart attack, I was chasing him yelling for him to just give her back. XD)
Blurry smiles.
Ruffle butt.
Dolly is a present from my BFF, Eva. :)
Brynna loves to eat her pigtails.
I found an outfit my mom made when she had her tie dye business.
Somehow, I don't think Kaylee and I did these crafts the right way... Oh well.
Queen of the mall play area!
A cardinal in our backyard. So pretteh.

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OMG...I would have been chasing him and telling him to give her to me too...mom heart attack!

Very cute using bryanna as an alarm clock.

I think your night table organization makes sense to me.
Stephanie said…
Cute pictures! I like the ones with your little girl in the grass :) She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans
Raising Reagan said…
The fox and cardinal pictures make me miss our home in Pennsylvania. We had foxes running around everywhere.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Theresa said…
A fox in the backyard? I don't know if that's scary or cool lol.

Love the tie dye outfit! Very groovy!
OrangeHeroMama said…
Great pics!! but woah to the fox in your backyard!!!

What a great bunch of pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Love all your pictures! That's a very cool sculpture, and I love the cherry tree. You are *very* organized. :) My boys will whack each other if either wakes the other up! :) Love the tie dye!
Lisa said…
Thanks for hosting! Your photos are beautiful. So glad I found your blog today. Many blessings, Lisa

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