[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

The only kid I know who can be grouchy while eating ice cream.

Informing me that she is not grouchy anymore and I'm now allowed to take her picture.

Trying yet again to try and get a pic of them both looking forward and smiling...

I'll take it! Lol.

Silly bebe.

New skates.

The skates and gear are a present from her Geegee (my grandma).

She fell a lot...

But she didn't give up!

That's my kid. :)

Playing with Lynnie.

Kisses. :)

Brynna was smiling at her lol.

Do you know how hard it is to get a good shot of a hamster?

They just move around way too quick, lol.

Cleaning herself, aw...

Playing with Legos together.

Family time is the best. :)

Tried my hand at digital scrapbooking or whatever it's called...

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Raising Reagan said…
Your girls look so much alike!
Simply adorable!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
craftyspices said…
They are adorable!!!

Thanks for hosting, just linked up.
We invite you to come and share via our hop: http://www.craftyspices.com/hops/wwhop
Happy Wordless Wednesday!
She sure does have character! I love all the pics. And your baby knows how to work the camera. :)
OMG...laughing so hard at that first pic...that is great!!!

you did great with the scrap booking babe!
Susan Mann said…
Aww what gorgeous pictures x
Stephanie said…
Your girls are so cute! At first I thought your hamster was a rat, I've never seen a hamster like that before :) but she is cute as well. Hope you have a good Wednesday!
She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans
Janine Huldie said…
Too many cute photos of your girls. Love the ice cream face for sure and your girls together too cute. Love the new skates, too. Emma keeps asking for some and might have to get them for her birthday!! :)
Sylvia Phillips said…
You have the most precious family. Even the hamster is adorable!
Susan Mann said…
Such cute pictures. x
mail4rosey said…
These are great, and you're right, family time is awesome.
Theresa said…
Look at her roll on those skates! You go girl!
amy mayen said…
Just wanted to tell you...love your hamsters! We have weeny pigs.
Thank you Honey said…
Just wanted to invite you to our Whatever Wednesday party @Thank You Honey!

Wonderful pictures Camille! Kaylee and Brynna resemble each other a lot and I think they look like their Mommy!:) Thanks for hosting and enjoy the rest of your week.
Maria said…
she's so sweet on her skates! so wonderful she kept going despite her falls. I love the caption on the first photo :)
Harley Cocks said…
:O Brynna is growing up TOO quick!
Elizabeth Bruno said…
Precious. I love that she is cranky eating ice cream and wearing her new skates, such a kid thing.

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