Not The Most Fun Family Outing Ever

We had to get up at 5 today to go to Kaylee's dental surgery.
As you can see, Brynna was not ready to wake up.
Kaylee was in a surprisingly good mood... Just chilled the whole way there, holding her Ponyo toy lol.
At Mercy Medical. The staff there is SO nice.
She was talking about how weird the models in magazines are. xD
We're all exhausted and Kaylee's not allowed to eat or drink, but everything is still surprisingly calm.
Ready for surgery!
Feeding the baby before going in with Kaylee. (She went to sleep pretty easily, was just confused and scared for a minute before she was fully knocked out. Poor thing.)
Waiting for Kay to come out of surgery.
Brynna made a friend. :)
She was pretty miserable when she woke up, so my mom brought her over a few presents.
Grouchy Kaylee playing in her new giant ball, with her new giant Dreamlight unicorn, lol.

When she first woke up, she was so angry! There was blood on her face and her IV was still in, both of which freaked her out. The nurse told me she'd be disoriented, drowsy, dizzy, and nauseous. She was none of those. We left and she insisted on walking all by herself, then she ate oatmeal and a smoothie, all the while talking about how much she did not appreciate us and the dentists forcing her to get dental work. She was pretty grouchy the rest of the day, and not at all drowsy. I couldn't get her to bed until 10, and she kept waking up screaming until past midnight. I finally brought the baby to my mom's house so she could get some sleep and I could focus on comforting Kay. I think she's finally sleeping peacefully now. Hopefully she'll feel better by morning. I am so relieved this is over and done with. She ended up getting a tooth pulled, 2 root canals I think, a few caps, and a few fillings. They told me there was nothing I could have done to prevent it, she just has weak enamel. I feel bad because she inherited that from me. Here's hoping that Brynna's gets Steven's teeth!!


Raising Reagan said…
Ugh ... poor Kaylee.
Hopefully she has a better day tomorrow.
That giant ball is awesome! I want one!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Roshni AaMom said…
awww! Poor girl! Hope she's much better now!
Janine Huldie said…
Oh poor little girl and hoping today is a better day for all of you!! Sending good thoughts your way :)
mail4rosey said…
Aww, little sweetheart. Thank goodness it's over now though, and big kudos to having your mom so awesome and close by!
the poor little thing, I am glad it's all over. What an experience for all of you. It's tough when you want to shield your child from pain and you can't
Bren Lee said…
Oh my gosh, poor Kaylee. I can't imagine having that stuff done to myself, let alone a child. Hoping she heals quickly and isn't traumatized by the hospital now.
Susan Struck said…
Sorry she had to go through that. I am a nurse at a surgical center and I have seen little kids wake up very, very freaked out. The anesthesia gas has something to do with that. Some wake up shrieking and kicking. They even fight their parents until the anesthesia loosens up its hold. It's pretty wild!
Sylvia Phillips said…
Poor Kaylee! Surgery sucks! Hope she's feeling better today!
Susan Mann said…
That must have been hard, hugs x
Maria said…
I hope kaylee feels better soon! what a trooper! that giant ball looks awesome. love and prayers.
Harley Cocks said…
Brave little thing. At 23 I'm scared of the dentist so I could only imagine how hard it is for the little darling!

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