Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

"I have to go home now because Daddy can't take care of Brynna by himself, he needs my help!" -Kaylee

"I do want to play with my toys with you, but you know I can't because Brynna might cry if I leave." -Kaylee

"I have 2 E's in my name, just like Daddy." -Kaylee

Me: "What's the opposite of up?"
Kay: "Down."
Me: "Yeah, you are so smart!"
Kay: "Yeah, I am."

Kay: "When I grow up and my boobies get bigger and bigger, I'll let Brynna nurse me when she's hungry."
Me: "I think by the time you're grown up, Brynna will be grown up too."
Kay: "Then when Brynna is grown up, I'll feed her a chicken nugget."

More of Kaylee's quotes here. :)

PS In the next week, I have a school reunion and a dentist appointment, and Kaylee has a dentist appointment and a trip to the school she's going to next year. So it's going to be a pretty busy week, I may miss a few of my posts and fall behind in checking my comments and reading everyone's blogs. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone! <3 One of these days, maybe I'll get the hang of managing all the aspects of my life, lol.


Mary Hill said…
Hi, sounds like a great time you are having. Your children are beautiful. :)
LOL! I love reading funny things toddlers say :) Her nursing comment cracked me up. Thanks for sharing.
Harley Cocks said…
What a funny little girl you have :)
Sylvia said…
Kids do say the funniest things! It's too bad they grow up and our of that!
Aw! She is so cute! I love the one where she has two E's like daddy! And I love that daddy needs my help! Oh shucks...they are all so cute!

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