Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

"Daddy, I love diamonds, they're my favorite." -Kaylee

"Finders, keepers, losers, weepers! The finders have to keep what they found and the losers have to weep! That means cry." -Kaylee

*Sees a picture of Steven and me* "Why would you take a picture with Mommy and Daddy and no Kaylee?!" -Kaylee

Steven: "Kaylee, what are you thankful for?"
Kay: "I'm thankful for... you!"

Me: "What's wrong, why are you crying?"
Kay: "I'm distressed!"

More of Kaylee's quotes here. :)


Anna said…
She is too cute!
Melissa S. said…
I heart Kaylee. Diamonds are my favorite, too. And I'm distressed. Best. Line. Ever.
Sylvia said…
Kids say the funniest things! I wish I had kept a record of the things my kids have said. Now they're too old for what they say to be cute!
Kaylee- is so cute! Diamonds- I agree with you too! They are my favorite too! Haha- why no picture without her! She is just too darn cute! I love seeing the things she says!!

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