Thankful Thursday

Sorry this is up late, I was at Kaylee's end of the school year picnic. :)

Hmm, what am I thankful for today. Well I'm thankful for how much fun we just had at the park with all of Kaylee's wonderful teachers and friends. And I'm thankful Kaylee has come so far since the beginning of the year, when she was withdrawn and grouchy at school. Now she is outgoing and confident. I'm so proud of her!!

What are you all thankful for today?

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myshelomitashop said…
We still yet to visit a park that we have found recently. I am thankful for today's experience for attending workshop about Cervical Cancer.
Lisa said…
Sounds like a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting. :-)
Theresa said…
Today I am thankful for ice cream. We had our end of the year ice cream party today at Allison's school an it was yummy! Hope you had a great time too :)
Marie Moody said…
That's great that she did such a turnabout. Way ta go on a job well done for her! woot woot!!!
Isn't it fun to see them growing and thriving and changing so much so quickly...well, a little sad, too:)
Those are good things to be thankful for.
SailorEdgar said…
We are thankful for our kitties, who bring us so much joy.
Naila Moon said…
Glad you enjoyed your day. Family is so important.

Thanks for linking up with me to today.

~Naila Moon
It is great that things have been going well in school for Kaylee. Today I am thankful to be up early and hearing the birds singing!:)
PepiSmartDog said…
Hi - we both have Thankful Thursday Blog Hops. Hee! Hee!
Thank you for joining mine...I'll join yours this week as well.
Hope to see you back at mine too. *spinning eyes*
*waves paw* :=o)

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