Tinky! (My First Review!!!)

The other day, I got an email from Penny at Author Marketing Experts, Inc. asking if I wanted to review a few books by Susan Spira. I've never done a review before, but I said I'd give it a go. So here it is, my first review. :)

We got the 3 books in the mail a few days later and I read them to Kaylee that night at bed time. They were silly and fun-to-read stories about a little doggie named Tinky. Kay loved them and has been acting them out ever since. She's so cute with her play-acting, too bad she catches me when I try to record her and gets mad at me!

Each book takes about 10-15 minutes to read. I'd recommend them for approximately ages 3-6. They have whimsical illustrations which Kaylee found entertaining. The only complaint I could think of would be that the wording was a little confusing for Kay's 4 year old brain at a couple places.

Disclaimer: This is my honest review of a product I received for free with no other compensation. :)


Janine Huldie said...

Sounds like really cute books that my girls, too would possibly enjoy. Thanks for sharing Camille!! :)

Marie Moody said...

Great review my friend. My granddaughter is so into books now, and these sound to be right up her alley. Thanks for sharing.

Gracielle Tamanio said...

Great review! Is Tinky a shihtzu? If so, i love it already because my pup is a shihtzu!