[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

She's getting too chubby for her 6-9 month clothes already!!
Thank you, thank you very much!
Visiting Geegee (my grandma). <3
A vulture.
Steven's...... creation... that he made with his 3DSXL or whatever it's called.
Do you think Kaylee has enough shoes and sunglasses?
And she has a whole drawer full of purses!
All 4 dogs playing in the backyard.
Aries getting some of his crazy energy out.
Wearing the pink spare collar because his regular one is in the wash lol.
Kaylee did my hair with her salon kit lol. She wants to be a... whatever you call a person who does hair and nails. That and a firefighter ballerina.
You can tell her dad dressed her lol.
Giant homemade popsicle.
I let her do her water experiments and get the whole bathroom wet.
Kaylee thought Brynna deserved a sticker.
I didn't think this would fit anymore by the time it was football season so I put it on her now.
So cute.
I wasn't allowed to take a picture hahah.
She always has to kiss the baby goodbye before she goes to school.
Getting ready to go play in the sprinkler.
Brynn wasn't so sure about the water.
Look at dem melons. XD

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Sabbatical Gal said…
cute set of photos :) i got here from monday no rules blog hop
amy mayen said…
The first picture of the baby- sweetest baby pic ever! I love the girls matching outfits too! And your doggie is still macho in pink. Thanks for hosting!
Joanna Pabel said…
lol star - I love it
Janine Huldie said…
Love all the pictures as always and the pocketbooks cracked me up. Too cute and funny! Thanks for hosting and so happy to link up!! :)
great pics and moments babe, as usual.

Your hubby is quite the character...though his "creation" pic freaked me out a bit, LOL
great pics and moments babe, as usual.

Your hubby is quite the character...though his "creation" pic freaked me out a bit, LOL
Raising Reagan said…
Kaylee did a great job with your hair! Brynna is getting big isn't she?

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Joyce Lansky said…
Aww. Your baby is adorable.

mail4rosey said…
Aww, they look adorable, and your dog looks fun.

The popsicle looks just about great for right now over at my place too!
Lovely pictures Camille! Kaylee did a good job combing your hair. I found Steven's creation so funny! Thanks for hosting. I am going to add my link.

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