Playing Outside

I meant to post these pics like a month ago, they were sitting in drafts... I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I'm busy busy busy, as always. :)


Janine Huldie said…
Too cute and thanks for sharing them here with us!! :)
Sylvia Phillips said…
So sweet that I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging award! I know some bloggers don't like these awards so I'll understand if you don't want it!
Veronica Lee said…
AWWW! Such sweet pics!!

Happy WW, Camille!
Megan Colwell said…
Aw they are so precious!
I am your newest GFC Follower :)
Harley Cocks said…
Looks like you all had a lovely day outside... even if it was a month ago :P
great photo of the flowers you picked!

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