Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that I survived my dentist appointment today!! I've been to a lot of dentists and this one is by far the nicest. And the dental assistants or dental nurses or whatever they're called are great too. Everyone is so patient with me and my needle phobia. The dentist even took a picture of Kaylee and put it among my x-rays and stuff so I could glance over and see her while he was working on me, which I found really comforting. :) It's such a relief to have the majority of my dental work over and done with! I still have to go back for a couple more things but the worst of it is finished. And I'm also very thankful to my parents, who fronted the ginormous bill and are letting me pay them back when I can. <3

What are you all thankful for today? :3

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Lisa said…
Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a great weekend. :-)
PepiSmartDog said…
Hi, I've joined your blog hop this week and hope you can join mine too: Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. :=o)
I am not too scared when I have to go to the dentist but of course you won't see me running into his office!:) I am glad that you got through okay. You have found a great dentist! I am thankful that I am feeling better this morning after not feeling too well yesterday.

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