Thankful Thursday

Today I really want to just complain about how annoying my health issues are. Lately, my eczema has been worsening and I keep getting ear infections. But I guess I will try to look at the bright side and be thankful that none of my problems are life threatening. And with all the doctors I'm seeing and treatments I'm trying, I'll start feeling better soon. Hopefully!

What are you all thankful for today??

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sorry babe you are not feeling well. I have beem having horrific hot flashes and excessive sweating, migraines, dizziness, mood changes...etc. They ran so many tests...and I must waiting to see the results. I am thankful that they have tests and will soon know what is wrong with me.
Janine Huldie said…
Oh totally hoping you feel better and it is truly no fun being so sick and nt feeling well, especially when being a mom. I know been there and done that, and sending good thoughts your way!!
Hope the docs get you mended up and feeling better soon! Being sick is the worst. I was so in need of a little positive thinking today - thanks for hosting this!
amy mayen said…
Oh, eczema is a pain. My niece and one of my nephews has nephew gets it so bad he'll cry because its painful and itchy! Poor baby! But, glad you are always so positive and bright!
Anna said…
I hope that you feel better very soon!
I have eczema too. In the Winter I get it bad on my hands. I use Aquaphor at night in the Winter.

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