Flashback Friday

One of my mom's class photos. She's the second one in the second row. I think I see a little bit of Kaylee in her face.

Link up an old picture, video, or post! No rules, other than that. Taking a button is optional. Have fun!! :)



Secondary Roads said…
It's really neat to see your parent in the face of your child.
Marie Moody said…
How totally cool! I love old pics & to see your mom.. better yet I would love to know what your daughter said when she saw gramma at her age. lol Have a great weekend my friend!
Thanks a lot for hosting Camille! You are right Kaylee looks like your mom. I also think both Kaylee and Brynna resemble you a lot! Have a great weekend.
mail4rosey said…
That's fun that you have your mom's pic!
Theresa said…
I always like to see my parents from their younger years! Very fun photo from the yearbook :)

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