[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

They gravitate toward eachother whenever they're sleeping in the same bed, lol.
I've been replaced by a grill.
Hanging out with Geegee.
It gets pretty crazy in my house sometimes.
Bedtime books. :)
Kaylee making sure Brynna doesn't suck in any air.
And wiping her mouth if milk drips. Best big sister ever!
Got baby clothes at one of my favorite stores. :D
Kaylee took this apart and put it back together according to the numerical values of the colors, instead of size.
One day she couldn't reach the floor, the next day she could. It's funny how those things happen.
I put new sheets on my bed and Kaylee decided I didn't do it neatly enough and started to fix it, lol.
Spelling/writing practice. :)

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mail4rosey said…
These are fun/great pics. I like when the kids sleep together and gravitate towards one another. Mine still do that once in awhile too. :)
Janine Huldie said…
Wonderful pictures and I too love Janie and Jack!! Thanks for the wonderful linkup and Happy Wednesday!!
Beautiful family pictures Camille! Kaylee is awesome - feeding baby sister and straightening the bed sheets!:) Thanks for hosting.
Veronica Lee said…
Love the pics of your gorgeous family, Cami!

Happy WW!
Carrie Stickney said…
I love the picture of Gee Gee looking frazzled! Poor Grandma! I'm sure she loves every minute she gets to spend with your little peanuts!

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