[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

I love the little characters on these. xD
How did she get up there??
Kaylee has this fascination with all things mustache related.
This is actually a ring, lol.
Gardening. :)
Starting the kids on Zelda early.
My grandma resting with her doggie.
I love the way Maggie looks up at her every so often.
I think they're starting to look alike!
The way Aries gets off the couch always cracks me up.
Kaylee's first graph. :)
4 generations!
Brynna's onesie has Pit Bulls on it. :)
Aries happily accepts ear pulling as a sign of affection, lol.
Close up of the onesie.
My stepdad's birthday party. :) Happy birthday, Dave! And yes, I ate that entire giant piece of Whole Foods chocolate cake. >=)
Chillin with Daddy.
Love this one.
She wanted me to take a pic of her with her babies, Clover and Ponyo. On the table. Hah.
So Aries came out and was like, Help? He chewed his bed up like a naughty boy and somehow got the cover stuck on himself.
I don't like to take "normal" pictures... >_>

Link up your wordless/wordful photo posts! :) Taking a button is optional. For more Wednesday link-ups, check out my blog hop library.


Linda said…
You have some precious photos in this bunch!
Erica D said…
Your family is beautiful and that baby! OMG so adorable.
Raising Reagan said…
LOL .. I love the one of her in the window sill.
That's skill right there!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Launna said…
Pictures with captions can really tell a lot about a person.

I love the picture where daddy and daughter are looking into each others eyes... so sweet :)
Janine Huldie said…
Oh love seeing all the pictures, especially your grandma (reminds me of my own when she was still here taking cat naps) and your mom, too!! :)
mail4rosey said…
You got a ton of great pics here. I like the one of the little one looking up at daddy so intently. But they're all awesome.
Karen said…
that's a great graph....oh man she sure wanted daddy's drink, LOL

Sylvia Phillips said…
At first glance, the photo of Kaylee sitting in the window looks like she's suspended in mid air! I love the one of Brynna looking up at her dad too!
Awesome pics girl. You always look great. jealous of your long hair. Mine is getting there after cutting it off last june. Never cut your hair off when you're sad, depressed, upset or anything esp after a break up. LOL

thanks for the link up.

If you need co-hosts any time I'd love to join you hun.

What cute packaging! And cute family, too, of course. ^.^

♥ aquariann
Featured Photo: Fourth of July Fireworks
Great pictures. Your dog Arnie is a riot. :) What a sweet family too. :)

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