Brynna is 8 Months Old!

Wasn't I just writing the 7 month update?? I wish time would slow down, this baby is growing up way too fast!!!!

At 8 months, Brynna:
✿ Is about 19 pounds
✿ Is wearing 9-12 month clothes, medium cloth diapers and covers, and size 3 disposables
✿ Is getting better at crawling forwards and changing direction
✿ Can go into the crawling position from a sitting position
✿ Is pulling up to stand by herself
✿ Loves standing while holding onto something
✿ Is starting to try to cruise and walk while holding onto our hands
✿ Loves dancing (her face lights up and she starts dancing whenever she hears music)
✿ Is still breastfeeding (and biting me less, yay!)
✿ Likes sucking her thumb or a pacifier sometimes
✿ Likes being worn in a sling, on my hip
✿ Eats as much solid food as you let her, likes pretty much all food, loves feeding herself (we're still doing mostly BLW)
✿ Is getting better at the pincer grasp and feeding herself
✿ Drinks a bottle by herself
✿ Plays with toys by herself happily and can press buttons
✿ Likes banging 2 objects together to make a noise
✿ Is getting less chill, relaxed, and quiet; getting more active and energetic
✿ Never sits still anymore and gets bored pretty easily
✿ Likes 'coloring' on an iPad app called PaintSparkles
✿ Has been more cranky lately, probably from teething?
✿ Is even more of a light sleeper than usual lately :(
✿ Is waking a lot at night, but luckily goes back to sleep very quickly and easily
✿ Is very excited to see Daddy when he gets home from work (and very tired of Mommy by that time)
✿ Loves being thrown up in the air, giving kisses, blowing raspberries, and playing peekaboo
✿ Claps her hands and waves byebye
✿ Likes watching Eeebee's Adventures (a baby show I found on Netflix)
✿ Still has just her 2 bottom front teeth
✿ Is more outgoing and giggly lately (when she isn't being a cranky butt)
✿ Is starting to like baths a lot more (at least when Kaylee is in the bath with her)
✿ Loves our doggies and is usually pretty good at petting gently
✿ Likes going outside and out to places (but doesn't really like car rides)
✿ Likes saying Dada, Mama, Mum, Nene, Baba, and Bob
✿ Tries to say Sissy (says Sissss)
✿ Absolutely loves playing with her big sister more than anything else in the world!!

This is what BrynBryn's schedule looks like now since we dropped her nap and made her bedtime earlier...
7:30 - Wake and nurse
10:30 - Nurse and nap
12 - Wake and nurse
3 - Nurse and nap
4:30 - Wake and nurse
6 - Solids (She has bits of solids throughout the day too)
7 - Bath and bedtime routine
8 - Nurse and bedtime

I try to keep her on schedule because it helps reduce the whine factor by making sure she doesn't get too hungry or tired. When she gets really fussy, I give her Rescue Remedy Kids and that seems to help. I hope she gets through this stage quickly and gets back to her happy happy self. It's hard not being able to make her feel better sometimes. But she's not always cranky, far from it. A lot of the time, she's all smiles. She is really playful and smart, always quick to figure out a game or toy. It's amazing how fast she's growing up. It seems like she was a tiny newborn just yesterday, and now she is very close to becoming a toddler. The first year just goes by way too fast!!

Can't wait for the next month of watching Brynna grow up! I know it's going to be another fun month full of exciting milestones and adorable sister moments. :)

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Secondary Roads said…
What a big girl she is. Such a happy face too. Ya gotta love a babe like that.
R.F. Dietz said…
I love all the videos! She is a petite little thing with a big brain. I love that she is waving hi and bye and it's pretty funny that she gets excited for daddy and is sick of you lol I completely understand that! WOW 8 months already...sigh
Janine Huldie said…
Oh seriously, she is so cute and still remember when you were pregnant with her. Time really does fly!!!
Holy hell .. 8 months already? CRAZY! She sure is a little cutie ... and I love how much the two sisters just love each other.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Anna said…
Wow, time is flying! Our babies are growing up much too fast!
Launna said…
This is so sweet how you do monthly updates... I wish I had thought of something like that with my daughter when she was little :)
Carole said…
Boy, time certainly is flying - you'll be posting about potty training before we can blink! Cheers
Victoria - WTTP said…
I love these updates, shes bloglovin follower :)
She's so precious!!! And I like banging things together to make noise too so we have that in common :P

Can't wait to see more updates of her :)
Harley Cocks said…
Wow!! She's so Clever, Camille! And absolutely beautiful! I love reading her updates because they're similar to my sons, it's so cute to read! Although she's so forward with some milestones, wow.. kudos to you I'm sure!! We have just started BLW for morning and afternoon tea, makes life so much easier, hey!!
She definitely doesn't seem to have your first daughters weight issues, Brynn is growing beautifully!!

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