First Therapy Appointment

So the other day, we had Kaylee's first therapy appointment.

We went in, and the therapist introduced herself. Kaylee was like, "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Kaylee. I'm 4 years old." When asked who she lived with, she replied, "I live with my mommy and my daddy and my baby sister. I love my baby sister, her name is Brynna. We have 2 dogs, I love them too."

She answers all of the other questions politely and articulately, sitting all proper-like with her hands folded in her lap. Then she goes and plays with the toys nicely the rest of the time while we talk to the therapist and give her some background info, since this was a take in appointment.

The therapist was like, "Well she seems like just a perfect little angel. She's so smart and polite, and so good with her little sister." It figures that Kaylee would be on her best behavior when we go in and try to tell someone that it's getting bad enough that we think we need help, doesn't it? Lol.

Of course, the therapist didn't see that as soon as we left, Kaylee started crying and flipping out because she didn't want to be in her car seat. Then we got home, she refused to eat more than 2 bites of dinner, then went to bed at midnight and got up at 5am, lol.

Have your kids ever made a complete fool out of you? Mine have so many times, I'm pretty much used to it by now, hah!


Launna said…
Oh yes, my girls made fools out of me many times. One time my oldest came up to me in front of everyone and hugged me but secretly pinched me as hard as she could under my arm, making me yelp... Ooooo I was pretty upset but I told everyone, even though she seemed so sweet to them :) Our children usually know how to behave for the short haul...
Janine Huldie said…
All the time. Seriously, I think my girls life to make me look like I am a complete moron and my husband, too lol!! But seriously, they always do pick the moments you are trying to make a point like this to disapprove you. Trust me I know that feeling all too well!!
Heather said…
Oh yes all the time! Baby B is learning new words and he will say them once, then not say them again for like a month. So when you try to show him off, he's like "nah, I'm on to your little game!"

Also everyone thinks J is a little angel but he is a bit rough with his brother and gets jealous so easily. No one sees this side at home too much on a day to day basis.
My brothers were master manipulators growing up! It was frustrating to no end! Thankfully Molly hasn't started that phase yet... but I'm already preparing... mentally that is! ;)
My Bryna does it to me all the time. She loves singing around the house but as soon as I tell someone about her singing and try to get her to sing for them, she tells me she doesn't know how. Seriously, you were just screeching to the top of your lungs 5 minutes ago, how do you suddenly "not know how"? LOL
Secondary Roads said…
Kids seem to be born experts at that kind of behavior.
R.F. Dietz said…
These children are simply too smart! At least you take great notes about her behavior so you'll be able to use those as a basis of information for the therapist.
They totally know how to play the game! She'll get comfortable there and let things show a little more.

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