Kay's First Day of School

The first day went well. Apparently she was well-behaved, which was a huge relief. According to her, she loved it, but did have some issues dealing with certain situations that tend to upset her. She didn't deal with them perfectly, but she didn't get too upset either, so I'm not complaining. For example, she told me that another girl told her some playground rules, and Kaylee didn't think she was telling the truth, and that made her feel very angry. She told the girl that she didn't want her to tell her the rules anymore or she would have to yell at her, or something to that effect, lol. We talked about nicer ways to deal with similar situations next time. Hey, at least she didn't bite her!

In general, her behavior has really been great lately. No major tantrums. Still having nice terrors, but sleeping better aside from that. I feel bad because she really wants to behave. She just experiences things at a very intense level, it seems. She's learning ways to calm down and deal with things, though. We do a lot of roleplaying and I think that's paying off. I ask her, "So, what would you do if this happened?" and she used to say things like, "I'd just scream," or something, but now she's saying things like, "I'd go somewhere else." So that's good, hopefully it will continue to improve. I think as long as we keep trying to be understanding, and when we do have to discipline her do so gently and respectfully, she'll do great. She feels very attacked and affronted when adults (or anyone) are not polite to her, so being too strict or losing your temper only backfires. We'd literally have to beat her black and blue to "force" her to respect us, and even then I really think it would only make her more aggressive and/or withdrawn, so I don't believe getting more strict is the way to go with her.

She is just such a polite and well-meaning kid in general. I hate that I talk about her challenging aspects all the time. I never want to sound like I'm complaining about her or trying to fix her. I love her just the way she is!! She makes me smile all the time. Like the other day, we were getting ready to go somewhere and she's like, "I got dressed and put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. And I laid Brynna's clothes on the couch for you. And I packed the diaper bag with all the things we will need!" She's such a little helper. She cleans her room up of her own accord now, and always tries to follow the house rules. She's so smart and inquisitive. The other day she asks me, "Who is Dr. Subramanian's doctor?" She wanted to know who her doctor's doctor was, lol! She's also the most amazing big sister ever, always trying to help entertain and take care of Brynna. Ok, I'm starting to go on and on now, but you get the drift. I have a pretty awesome kid! :)


Janine Huldie said…
I love how she is a huge help to you and have the same with Emma. She really loves helping and prides herself on it. I think we do have pretty good kids overall and are lucky for that for sure!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
She sounds very passionate and I think the upside is she isn't going to take crap from people. I think it's wonderful you're encouraging her to express herself in a more constructive way than simply getting angry but to be honest I wouldn't want some newbie girl telling ME the playground rules either! lol
She's awesome ... plain and simple!!
Hugs mama

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
mail4rosey said…
That's a great question for the doctor!!

You're lucky she cleans her room. ;)
Betty Taylor said…
I like how she stood up for herself. I really think girls need to learn to do that at an early age.

She sounds like a fantastic helper. Can you send her over here? I could use a helper.
Launna said…
I am glad she had a good first day, that is wonderful... here's to many more :)
Harley Cocks said…
I'm glad things are improving for Kay and each day gets better and better.. but how exciting for her first day of school!!

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