Mommy & Me Monday

Thank you so much to my family for putting up with my rabid quest to get the perfect family pic!!!
4 generations of women! :)
I just found these pics on my camera, they're from when Brynna was a couple months old. <3

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Launna said…
I am always on the quest for the wonderful family pictures... I was able to get one with each of my daughters this summer... I wish I had captured the three of us together...

It is really tough for me as I am so picky about photos of myself... I rarely let people take any pictures of myself... I have a need to self approve :)
R.F. Dietz said…
my fave is the 4 generations of women! girl power!!!
Erica D said…
cute photos, You have a beautiful family :)
I just love the generations one!

And, the perfect family impossible to capture.

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